Knowing the Day and The Hour!

This is a thought that knocked my socks off..
I had it today, it was this: “What if I knew the hour and the day I would die?” What would be different about me? Would I waste all the time I can until that last moment, then at that last hour in that last day get things right in my heart and with others.

What if I knew the day and the exact hour of my death? What would I do with my today? Right here… and right now? Would it even make a difference? Only if it were today I guess right? Because today is all we’ve learn to live for, today is all that matters.

I was looking at some pictures of my little sister Tiera, she’s several years younger than I am, and she turned 16 just day before yesterday!

I couldn’t believe it, but to look at her pictures made me think about my mother, and while my heart wanted to grieve her, I began to think about what I would have done if I knew the day and the hour and took it seriously that she would die when she was 50… and I was only 28 years old. And Tiera being only 14… Who would have thought that!

Last night I was with a young woman in a meeting who was grieving her father in the greatest way. I mean he had just had a birthday this week as well and she just really wished he were here and she could be with him again.. and to tell you the truth there are a lot of things I remember about my daddy, but the good things only come to mind on occasion because sometimes we only tend to want to look at the things that are not so good about people when they are living, but when they die, all that matters is the time we got to spend with them while they were here on the earth!

So what would be different? In my marriage with my sweet husband, whom I have been “less than Loving with” what will happen differently with my children if I lived every single day with them as if it were the last day I had on the earth? what would happen if every time I went to church or celebrated a Christmas season or Easter time I treated it like I would be seeing Jesus that day and I was remembering what He had really done.

When this time of the year comes around we often don’t think history, and what was done.. we think present and we are way too busy preparing for the future.. But what if today were the last day and the future never came, we all know everyone who is living on this earth must cross the thresh hold of death one day and what would be the difference if that day were today!?


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