Racism is Real!

This world we live in is so old and Our Culture and it’s systems are so flawed sometimes it’s very scary!

some people call this the most wonderful time of the year, I call it the most selfish time of the year!
Yesterday while I was in the grocery store there was an african lady with her son and she was putting him in the basket when she mistakenly dropped her cell phone, while someone was helping her pick it up, another man who looked like he was from a different nationality walked in and without paying any attention to any one around him or even caring about his surroundings.. He stepped on the ladies cell phone cover and rolled over it with his basket, I was appalled, only grateful it was not me because there’s nothing you can really do when someone does something so mean.
On that same note, someone (of the same nationality as previously) that’s the nationality most recognized in our neighborhood seemingly, and it is what our landlord is!

While I was waiting in the line at customer service, there he comes and walks right in front of me, they seem like they live on a different planet, I rarely see people of their kind being kind to others and it’s hard these days to find men who are really gentlemen and look out for something or someone more than themselves.. We have a self absorbed self serving world and sometimes it angers me, it makes me wonder when it is right in front of my eyes how I am supposed to live in it!

Well, Amazingly, today I took Benjamin to the parade with Aimee my sweet friend from his old school…

and her son..

we were indeed late, it was an early parade.. some of the streets were blocked off and I was kind of glad we had such a long walk, Benjamin was keeping up with me pretty good, but I’m not so sure Aniah would have held on so long… For some reason he’s more of a team player!

Aniah just may have said she was tired and wanted a break..LOL!But Benjamin was a soldier, he walked all the way!

Pretty soon the parade was starting and we had not found Aimee yet!

I was getting a little agitated at the trip myself, At first my thoughts were..
“Good Lawd, all these people out here, I don’t like parades” But on the other side of my heart I was so reminded of New Orleans and the parades and I site saw.. I looked around at all the pretty dogs and all the different kinds of people old and young.. All White by the way, but I could not help but smile, to see so many people in one place and none of them were fighting and cussing or talking really loud and rowdy.. I smiled with them and some of them even smiled back, to watch all the parents talking to their little children and having fun sitting waiting for the parade..

When it had started we were still walking and had not found Aimee.. it was a longer walk than I expected as I mentioned.. So the parade is rolling and we are on the move as we watch it..

When they started giving out candy Benjamin was so happy, some children would come up to him so happy and offer him a candy, while others just looked at him as if he were not even worth their time.. It became a little sad, but I kept walking with him and just telling him he had a lot of candy already.. We came across a little boy who actually was trying to give candy to another child and was walking away when he ran into Benjamin and he looked my boy in his face and kept walking with a hand full of candy.. Guess he was the wrong color..
I know this is really low scale as it refers to how racism is still so much more real in other places.. The little girls came and began to throw Candy at my son, on the command of their mother.. I looked at them as if to say… I’m smiling, but I don’t think it’s nice your telling your children to throw candy at my child, and you know that’s not what they are doing in this parade.. I told Benjamin to leave it there and we did not pick it up.

When we had finally gotten to Aimee my sweet friend, she had her mother and her 1 other friends, all White by the way.. they had 3 other white children with my son.. So here’s how the story plays out.. They are all sitting there on their lawn chairs, when the floats are passing and adults and children are passing giving out candy and we noticed that truck loads of candy are being dropped into Jacob’s and Aaron’s bags and their bags are full, but Benjamin’s is completely empty.. I think to myself.. Hm… Something is not quite right here, these children are looking right at my son as if he must be a lost deer and he needs to go back to his habitat.. The part that hurt me most is that these were children and they could be so hateful!

I saw them literally giving to the children next to my son but passing him!

finally Aimee noticed and she went to stand by him, and started to say.. Hold your bag open son as they passed and she started to say.. Candy.. Of course benjamin was holding his bag open the entire time, but my heart ached that she had to go and stand next to him so they could drop more candy into his bag.. When it was over I was so ready to go, I had a smile on my face the entire time and I was so thankful Aimee had offered me a ride back to my car, it would have been a long walk.. But she wanted to go into a christmas decoration store with her other friends and their kids, I had not thought this was an event for ALL her friends.. And the single one’s at that..LOL!

She only told me her mom and another one of our friends were supposed to be there, but it was a hole different tribe when i arrived!

I have grown to love Aimee, but this parade was a huge eye opener to me, and the truth is.. I have a lot to digest at this moment.. No one experiences this daily where I live but Lord knows when we do.. it’s something to contemplate and think strongly about!


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