The First Page of the New Book!

Ever since I was younger I wanted to write a book.. although I may never write a book I would get published, since that was prophesied to the lady sitting next to me at church that day.. She was told “She would write a million dollar book”…. My prophecy was that I would be an entrepreneur with 250 employees.. This means that I too would be just as successful in God’s economy as the book writer, but I would not be writing a book..
So, now all I have to do is tell you about the book I am talking about when I entitle this blog.. the first page of my new Book!
This is the book of my life!

we have heard many people say.. Let’s start a whole new chapter in life.. But I am not into all that. I’m closing the book on the life I have lived up until now both the good and the bad and I am asking God to give me a fresh start all together!

yesterday I was walking my sweet little princess home from walking her prince brother to school. As we walked we saw this acorn tree she absolutely loves. She would swear that acorn tree was real and it was her friend. But the walks are so serene, so quiet and beautiful since we are the only one’s walking on our block besides the man who walks his dog every day at that time.. Amazingly, no one seems to think it good to walk little one’s to school anymore, but this is the best time in our day!

When we saw the tree for the last few weeks I imagined it was just the time of year for it to die… you know the cooler weather, not necessary cooler than usual, but the time of year, would produce an environment that was not conducive to proper growth..Almost like putting palm trees in New Orleans, trees in the wrong location will not produce very well what they were made for.

As we had walked past this tree the last couple of days it seemed as if the tree was dying, all it’s twigs were brown and the acorns were getting less and less.. But yesterday it looked like something was happening I could finally see that a change had began to take place, I could not tell you what it was, I just saw the difference on the tree.. Almost half of the twigs were green, and the others were still brown, it was if some kind of life was vibrating through this little tree and to me  that was amazing.

When we are living one way, that is outside of God and His Son the Christ, we are without a doubt dying.. We are like that acorn tree, going the way of the withered, and in a since we are not blessed at all.. but the opposite of blessed is cursed, without Him.

When we make this choice this decision to follow hard after Jesus, something in us starts to change, sometimes others can see right away, and sometimes the sanctification working in us takes our entire lives and we always see little changes like I saw in that tree.. but this is what a new life symbolizes, starting a new book.

I have been saved now about 17 years and that has been more than half of my life now.. and on the outside I look like the brown twig in the tree but the only thing is when the tree is touched by God.. it can not stay Brown, He turns it green because there is life in it. I am no longer dying day to day, but I am choosing to stay in the branch and receive this life.. So I am be really green and filled with life and not ever be cut down or fall away.

It’s not like my tree has to be cut down, it’s just that I have to stay in the tree to remain in my new book and never go back to open the old one.. This is not a new years resolution as some are common to make.. This is a new life, and a new book that has never been read before!


2 thoughts on “The First Page of the New Book!

    • Thank you so much Prophet Llopis… I have not seen you on facebook or heard any of your messages recently, I certainly enjoyed them.. and your wife’s as well.. God bless you for stopping by giving me a quick comment!

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