It’s a better day!

I just want to say that today can always be a better day!

Sometimes, I believe I spend so much time taking on a wrong view of myself! I think we all get stuck in that funk every now and then where we don’t really feel like we’ve got it. Yet there is one thing I know.. It’s all in perspective! It will never be any more than I make it.

I often time wonder how there are some people who can experience horrific things, I mean really go through bad stuff, like concentration camps and serious stuff, like being beat nearly to death and left for dead, I think of people who survive horrible tragedies, even worst than Hurricane Katrina… but they still sing to the high heavens and are the kindest people and not bitter at all.. What about them!

How in the world do these people do it.. When I sit here and complain because the sky looks dreary. There is someone who is being released from prison today and they will have no where to stay when they get out, they will be estranged from their children and have to start life all over again and what of the homeless person who has no hope of ever getting off the streets because they have gone so far into it that they no longer even want to, so while I’m at home with my heater running they are outside under a bridge hoping they won’t get too much favoritism.

Sometimes we can’t write the new books of our lives because we are not done with the old one’s yet. We want to first uproot that old and get it out of us so we can be completely new and when we start this new book, we will not be bringing any chapters paragraphs or sentences anywhere but in the introduction. We need a blueprint, we need an outline.. and after we have seen where we’ve been we must see where we are going.

It is a better day, it’s a better day when you decide no more.. No more complaining, all thanksgiving, no more resentment about what I didn’t get, it’s a better day when you decide that it’s not going to be all about me, instead I’m going to constantly ask myself this side of my life how I can give back to others.. You do know the best way to receive is to first give.. Give until it hurts, give until it is going out of style.. Give until it’s a way of life.. ever seen a new book cover before.. Uncharted territory.. You don’t know if the book will be good or bad, but because you know the author you can trust it is promising..
The End!


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