Could it be

Could it be that in the times I fall flat on my face that I am in the place where I can be used most.. to inspire someone else. Could it be that my pain, or my struggle might help to lift someone else up and encourage them. So it really wasn’t for nothing.
You know there are people all around this world who do what I talked about yesterday…”Failing Miserably!” But could it really be that my failures are all leading to success. When I realize life.. this life.. here and now is not all about me.. but about the people around me I am serving, and impacting in ways I will never truly understand. Could it be that I am building my eulogy through my testimony of a struggle I have signs of life.. The desire is all too great to be perfect on my own, I had to give that over to my greater power and authority which is Jesus.. and while I have never been on drugs, and I have never been an alcoholic or a gambler, glory to His name.. I have had problems with looking for love in the wrong places, I have had some area’s that can hit home for me and I am equip in this time to help someone else because I have come from being overweight and have reached the goal of not being overweight and felt the benefits of that.. I am having a struggle not to drift back upwards but I am so thankful that on today I am holding steady at 150 lbs.. Could it be that as long as I have today, there’s still a chance to give it up and turn a new leaf, when the opportunity to change is lost all hope is lost you know!

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