Saying Goodbye to the car!

Well today it all started becoming more of a reality.. My first car I ever bought and purchased with my own money in my own name.. has reached the maturity of it’s life.. Well, it could probably go a little more but the repairs on it were just way too much for us to do, and it would be a sacrifice anytime we decided to do it, because right now I am a stay at home mom and if we did have that kind of money it would be better invested to send me to college…so we can buy a new one..LOL!

No truly, I bought this car in 2006 and it was a 2001 car.. January 3, I will never forget that day. I was pregnant with Benjamin I was all alone and I really needed the transportation, had been praying for a car for a long long time, to make it to doctor’s appointments and to buy groceries and to go to church, you know all the necessities, even getting back and forth from school.. In college back then, hoping to master the semester after my son was born..

I was in a very harsh time at the time this car was purchased and it was indeed God who opened the door for me to get the car.. This car was an answer to many prayers.. And I was more than blessed the day I drove off that lot in this car.. it may have been used but it was sure enough new to me and it was a reason to give God a crazy dancing praise with my little baby boy in my tummy!

The years passed and that Kia was faithful.. I hardly had any problems with it and I even drove it out of town to Memphis once, and that’s when I had taken it too far, I should have taken care of that break rotor then, but I chose to wait and well, it just got so bad that we wind up here now..
This car has been such a blessing to us, it was the second car.. Ok, so maybe we didn’t have cars that were on the same level of luxury and I started to pray for that about a year ago, when we started noticing we were having to take it in a little more than usual for maintenance..

This car had started giving us problems with the speed first, it would just hardly move with the feet fully compressing the gas pedal, then we had a problem with the air and heat, if we ran those things it was sure to slow the car down in the greatest way, so much it almost seemed the car would hardly be moving, then we didn’t want to drive it on the highway and then it started locking up, due to the rotor issues, which are expensive by the way..

And now we have reached the day where we are making phone calls to wrecking companies, I knew the day would come when it would have to go, but it was my prayer that we would be better prepared and could easily go out onto a car lot and drive away with a new one the day we sent this one away.. but it did not work out that way and now we are down to one car, and I am so thankful for that.. because it is only the Lord’s grace we have the one that runs well, it’s a newer model but still nevertheless getting old..
This makes me wonder why do people spend all that darn money on cars.. The stupid car will do nothing but depreciate from the moment you pull it off the lot and there will no doubt come a time when it’s life will be over and you will have to buy another one.. So what’s the use.. Just get one that is in the newest condition and best shape that gets you from A-Z personally this time I would like to get an SUV but I will see what will become of that right… At some point I’m expecting my 1st child to be with us and we will need room for her and sometimes my darling sister is with us, we need the extra space ok..
So be praying with me for a new car.. An SUV shall we say.. fully paid for… I don’t want this to flaunt that I have a lot of stuff, but my husband is taking the bus to work and I would like to see us having our own vehicles so that when he is out I can run errands too, it’s just way different when you’ve become used to 2 cars then you have to get used to the 1.. I want more!



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