Why Worry!

So, It’s another day..
Good to be writing again!

Have you ever heard that saying: ” We humans are the smarter species but the animals don’t worry!” Or something like that the saying goes..

I guess it would be true right, I mean if we tested the theory. Animals don’t have the capacity to reason therefore how can they possibly worry, something that lifts us above the animal species of that we have the ability to reason and think things through.. But is it wise of us to worry is the question today?

Worry.. You know what that is right..It’s to torment yourself or suffer from disturbing thoughts.. Come on you know we’ve all done it every now and then.. We’ve all worried until we knew better, and some of us still worry by the way! We have anxieties, and we have fears that we worry about.

Come on let’s be honest about it, we are the only one’s here after all.. Worry, Don’t we worry about our children? Don’t we worry about our future, if we’ll turn out like the poor person? Don’t we worry about our health, what will it look like in 5 years if we don’t start eating right and exercising and making good choices about the things we put in it? What about worrying about what other people think about us and the list could go on and on.. But the truth of the matter is none of these are legitimate reasons to worry. There has now been proven research that worrying can cause all types of sickness and disease. While it is true your right, if I make right decisions today it will affect my tomorrow, if I choose to drop out of school and be a bum today well that will have it’s impact on my future as much as going out and robbing a liquor store and getting 20 to life… but the truth is, there’s a difference when we are planning for our future in diligence to make right decisions right now.. It’s true if you keep on smoking and drinking, using drugs or eating unhealthy, you are harming your body and the repercussions of that is very real and those consequences must be lived with but there’s no use in worrying about the consequence if we take care of the problem the best way we know how..

One of my favorite authors and speakers once said..” Why do you worry, will it add even a single moment to your life?” It’s a question I want us all to ponder today!


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