The Best Father!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up in a house that was dysfunctional. My daddy was on drugs and well, my mama was just making due.. It was one of those things… You know when daddy’s there but not being the best daddy he could possibly be and with good excuse.. He doesn’t know how!

When I was growing up my daddy was very hard on me. He would spend a lot of time watching me and everything I did, and if he even thought I was looking at boys or even talking to them, that would be a very bad whipping for me, and God forbid a boy ever called the house, or showed up wanting to be social as a friend.. Daddy would pitch a fit..

this was my life with my earthly father.

But then around the time I got pregnant with my sweet daughter Angel he changed. I was pregnant and he wanted me to know suddenly that I was loved, the most precious thing he ever did for me was the day I was in labor when he and my mom were taking me to the hospital ( I had Angel natural) and my mother wanted to sit in the front seat of the car and well, daddy wasn’t having that, he told her.. “Let the dear girl sit in the front seat, she’s in labor” it was the first time he had taken up for me and I felt so great because it was really the first time anyone had taken up for me.. I was always the wrong one in my eyes!

But he loved me and all this time I had not perceived it because of the way I had been treated by him until he finally did something for me that made me not doubt him.
Today marks 5 years since I bought my very first vehicle and to be honest… this was one of those big things.. I had prayed to God for a car for years.. I had watched majority of my friends get blessed with a car and well, this was something I always believed one day God would give me.. My very own car, in my very own name.. and well, when my friends got blessed with cars while I was in college I genuinely praised God with them, I was not angry with them, I did not feel inwardly jealous, I just knew if God had blessed my neighbor it meant He was in the neighborhood. the day He gave me that car.. I remember driving off the lot with it, I remember the exhilaration I felt. I knew it was only God who could have done something so miraculous, I was alone and I was pregnant and I had no way to do the things that I really needed to do to make due and here it is, without any credit at all, this door is just opened I didn’t have to jar it open or force my way in, I just drove off the lot with a brand new used car in my own name.. And in my humble circumstances it was just like that day my daddy stood up for me when I was in labor with my first born, I never saw that old daddy before I had Angel again.. he became a new type of father who showed his love for me in a more tangible way and this was a mark in the relationship with God I had where He was no longer just God… No longer Just Lord! But Father!

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