Spiritually minded/ Carnally minded!

Has anyone ever told you something you thought was really juicy gossip. It was something about someone else that had nothing to do with you and you were so excited to hear that either they were on hard times or had come upon a great time in their lives.. Sometimes, it’s true we get sad for others when we hear they are facing rough times, unemployment, divorce, death of a close relative, but there are other times, when we are actually happy these things happened for them and it’s not in a bad way.. but we know what it is producing in them.
Today I was reading near the end of Acts, and this book is awesome because it shows clearly that every time God works it is mostly through the power of a prayer that went forth to Him in faith from someone who had a willing heart and an obedient spirit to do what He said..

Paul was no doubt a missionary.. Traveling all over the world, he was on his game.. being beaten, stoned, mistreated by imprisonment and yet building believers up all over the world.. This Paul was in deed on the top of his game all his christian life although most people believe he had the most wretched life every. Near the middle of the book he started telling others that the Spirit had shown him he would have to suffer, and he would even have to die for this gospel he was preaching at some point.. The Spirit also showed other people.. and they told him to confirm what he knew. but the key to all this was a that it took a spiritual person to say…. I will even go to death.. I will suffer the loss of a job, a parent or child, or close relative or friend, I will suffer the stench of homelessness if it will bring any glory to the Kingdom of God, if it is what He wants.. I will wholeheartedly submit.. That is what it means to be spiritual to take the bad news with the good news and still say it’s all God!
Now we love to hear it when we are getting good things and we are blessed and seated in heavenly places, but Paul says even if I have to go with this same Jesus to death… I am willing and will do it with joy! How many people can say that today??? How many!


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