On the basis of Faith!

We as humans have faith in so many things. We have faith that the mail man is going to pass and put our check in the mail more so sometimes than we do that we have a greater provider and He actually lives in us!

When I think about faith I am amazed that the birds of the air and the cats I see walking around and drinking from the creek are just as well fed as some of the homeless people who somehow have food to eat to stay alive by the way.. God provides for us all.

The faith I am talking about is stronger than just words but actions accompany it. If I say to you I have faith I will finish college by the time 2013 arrives, and I trust God will bring it to past, then I can not sit at home sucking my thumb saying God will see to it that this happens. It will take action just as if I said to you it were going to rain last week, it would make no difference if I can not show you by taking my umbrella I believed that to be the ultimate truth I stake my life on.

We lay in beds at night without a second thought that the bed will hold us up.. It just does, and we are not dropped to the floor all night long, we sit in chairs and start our cars up and just drive off where we have to go, never thinking we are trusting in and having faith in things, and people, when we go to the doctor not even knowing the person from Adam, we take a prescription from them believing what they say as we would a sale add in the paper and run to camp outside a store for an IPhone!

Let me tell you the word of God is more reliable and predictable than these things. It is on the basis of my faith that I am saved by Grace.. The grace of God is a beautiful thing. it was wondrous grace that held Jesus to the cross and there are no strings attached, I don’t have to try to prove myself to Him any longer He loves me.. just as much to day as He did love me the day He was bleeding and crucified for me..

I love it to think of it in a special way.. Whatever fears I have only come to activate whatever faith I have, if no faith is activated I live on the fear and whatever is not faith is sin!

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