A Question of Commitment!

Have you ever made a plan to do something? A goal. Let’s say you noticed your eating habits were getting out of control, so you started thinking about changing them and picking more healthy food to eat and you did it.. for a day! Or let’s say you realized your weight was getting a little heavy and you said within yourself..
“I’ve got to do something about this before I’m overweight!” You may have even said.. “I don’t like this job I’m working, it’s a dead end job, I’m going to school so I can better myself, and work hard so I can  have the “American Dream!”

If you leave these idea’s as just thoughts you contemplate nothing will ever happen and you know that.. So you take another step. You start sitting down one day and you set a time to come up with a plan.. How will I change my eating habits, what do I need to do to get the desired result of changing my lifestyle to include exercise in my daily routine or how will I put educational goals in my busy schedule I can hardly find time for my family as it is!

When you finally make up your mind, you say.. I’m going to do it.. I’m dead set on it.. whatever it takes, however long it takes, I’m going at it full force because I know where the results will take me..

But how many people know when it comes down to doing it we  get the mentality quickly.. “It’s easier said than done!” I said I was going to make more time for my spouse, but that’s easier said than done. I said I was going to have quality one on one time with my children at least an hour a week… but it’s easier said than done.. I said I was going to get to wash, dry and fold those clothes at least 3 times a week.. but again, easier said than done..

What I believe we lack is commitment, this is why most diets don’t work this is why most the people who start college never finish or take much longer than others, this is a definite reasons why marriage don’t work, and a reason why parents don’t see the results they want with their children. Now this will also be important to remember, it’s the very thread that keeps relationship with God real.. Commitment to Him!

When we say we are committed to a thing that means it does not matter how hard it becomes I have sat down and looked at my curriculum or my diet plan and I have decided I can do it, I have my goal in front of me and in the beginning I am fired up, passionate about it.. but then.. something happens and the fire goes away, burns out and well, that spouse we were so happy to marry on day one at ground zero isn’t so attractive anymore.. You know this is something to think about when in one or another area you see inconsistency. When you should be committed.. It’s like being double minded, this week that goal is important but if it’s not kept before you it sort of goes away and loses it’s importance..

What can we do today to make sure that we are diligent committed people? that our integrity is real and we will follow through and do what we say? Have you ever experience the exhilaration that comes from completing something you started? Let’s aim today to get that feeling again!


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