What was I created to do?

Ever wonder about that? Has the thought ever crossed your mind??? Why on earth am I on earth? What could be the purpose for me? I know the purpose for my car, it’s to get me where I need to go, I keep it in my garage to take care of it, because I personally value it because I know it’s purpose is to help me to get to my destinations day in and day out, so My car does not have a one time purpose, but an ongoing purpose and that’s what makes it worth having.

When I think about my television I don’t have to wonder what’s the purpose of a television.. To feed me all the bad stuff I don’t need to be digesting…LOL! Nah, really do you ever think to yourself.. My computer has a purpose, my bed has a purpose, my bathtub has a purpose, even a flower has a purpose and a tree… They give shade and clean the air.. We’ve seemed to become experts at knowing the purpose of other things while we go through day in and day out at break neck speed trying to accomplish something, not knowing that life in itself is the accomplishment and we are in a rush, all we know is time is running out and whatever I’m going to do I’ve got to do it now.. But what if your not supposed to do it now, what if at this time there’s something that would be far more fulfilling that running behind the next thing to obtain!
When I think about this I think of the Author named Paul, an apostle they called him.. He said..”Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but only one receives the prize… Run in such a way that you will win!”

What is this saying and  how does it relate to what I am saying.. I will give you an example. Say for instance you wanted to run a 5k.. You were training and really focused and dedicated on getting it accomplished, finally the day arrives and you have eaten healthy and you have trained well, and it’s to start the ultimate journey, your goal is the prize at the end of the line.. You don’t run at break neck speed if you are going to obtain this goal..NO! This is a way to guarantee your loss.. You run in such a way that you will win.. You balance yourself and pace yourself and find a rhythm so you can be comfortable and not out of breath, you don’t want to overexert yourself do you, that way you give up too early and you lose the prize.. By the the way you will pass some tempting things along the way, since you’ve been eating so healthy to be in tip top health you will see some McDonald’s on the way, some dunkin donuts, you’ll see many things that will make your mouth water, but rarely when your in a race do you see your opponent stop off for star bucks because they are focused.

When you find the thing you were created to do.. it’s in your best interest to keep going toward that goal. When you have sought the one who created you, because I know your smart enough to know you didn’t create yourself, when your smart enough to know that I have a specific purpose and reason I was created because if my creator only wanted one thing done He would have only created one purpose but my gift with someone elses in harmony gives me purpose. Do you feel like you have purpose today.. And you know what sometimes your reason for being created can be very hard to accept, I can imagine the person who really wanted to be an entrepreneur gets very upset to learn they were created to be a journalist even though the passion for that is in them. We can never get off track and make it all about what we want that way we miss the real reason why we are who we are and we will miss fulfillment, and trust me fulfillment is what life is about, when I am fulfilled I don’t need drugs, I don’t need marijuana, I don’t need those drinks to relax me, I don’t need to gamble and go out on a buying binge, when I am sure about what I was created to do and I am doing just that.. no matter at what pace I’ll doing it, and I accept that… I don’t need to try and be who I’m not or make people stay with me who want to go.. I simply walk in the purpose for which I was created.. knowing all who are supposed to be with me will come and all who are not will go and I am not fighting against that.. Anyone want to know their reason for being created, their purpose, their place.. Try asking the creator and seeking until you hear, until you see, until your find out.. Don’t stop short of it.. it’s worth a lifetime pursuit.. Don’t move until you know why you were created keep asking, keep seeking and keep knocking and I assure you you will receive, you will find and the door will be opened… when you get to it!

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