Writing is my thing!

Ever had a thing! You call it; “My Thing!” It’s what you do, and I mean you can do it at 5a when you wake up or when your really sleepy at night! You would do it for free and other people compliment you about how you do it all the time.

What’s your thing! The thing that you call a hobby, but you simply had to do.. For some people it’s giving.. They love to give to others, whether they need it or not. Everytime you see them they are giving.. Not that they have so much, they just like to feeling of giving… as opposed to one of receiving. Someone you know may be able to teach and when they talk you are attracted to their speech because they can speak well.. There are some who you just know they would not be who they are if they did not do …. that!

This is what it is for me!
As I was growing up my mother always told me, I should write a poetry book. When I was young, writing came easiest and it’s not that I was not exposed to more.. it was just that this was what was naturally in me to do, with all I was exposed to, I loved band, still love music until this day and dancing, as I was on the danceteam a time or too.. I still have  a great love for being with friends I am not an introvert, I love people and although I like breaks for myself, I love to be around people, mostly smart people, that think well and encourage and get the job done!
They inspire me! I like to be inspired!

I always thought of writing as just a hobby, it’s just something I do, I would be the one who would pay yearly for a journal online so I could journal, I would be the one who wrote in a blog on a daily basis, about the simplest little things because writing is very much part of me, but you could never ask me to do it for a living. A couple of years ago my husband asked me if I would just consider taking 2 journalism classes, I told him I would, but everytime I thought about it, I considered it to be a waste of time, because I like to write, but I don’t want to do it for  a living because I don’t think it pays very well, unless I went into editing, I’ve done a lot of editing for my family and friends, when they have had to write papers for school..Papers they passed with flying colors by the way, so by these things I know it’s My Thing!
But what greater… Last night I was playing with my new phone, customizing is sooo cool..It’s the coolest thing! I was reading up on the news, now my husband is really into that kind of stuff he loves CNN news, I stick with the local and that’s good for me.. But he is more abstract, wanting to know what’s going on around the world, what company is going up and which one is going down, he’s the technical one like that.. but me.. I have never been one to sit down and just read the news like reading the daily paper.. But I lay last night in bed.. totally taken by these writers, thinking to myself.. “I could do this for a living!” Some articles were extremely long and the beauty in that is, I’ve already been paid for writing this whether your interested to read it all or not! LOL!
I love the fact that you get to research one topic and it gives you so much knowledge of that area as you report on it in your writing. I tell you writers have to know stuff! We love researching to find out how things work and that was me.. I finally decided..”It’s My Thing” It took good 30 something years to finally show me, whether I get paid little or much He would lead me in the way I should go in this… but as for writing…”It’s my thing!”


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