When your heart goes out!

Ok, this morning I had one of those moments..
Here it is, I’m complaining like a little brat, looking at my situation as a crazy waste of time.. While I am so blessed it is crazy! I should be more thankful, more grateful, more prayerful for others than I am just for me.. It’s not always about me.. I just want to say that!

My name is Kevilyn and I am recovering from being SUPER SELFISH!

When your whole life is based around you and only yours, you are SUPER SELFISH! A couple of months ago we decided that as a family we would help needy people, but it is amazing what you will learn when you reach out to the world around you.

I have this daughter.. 2 by the way.. But one of my daughter’s… Angel, my first born, I would love to be closer with her, I pray for the opportunity to be closer to her.. She is not living with me.. and I have been neglectful of her, for while the truth is I have become more mindful of the children I have here with me than I am with her.. I Am Over Coming My Super Selfish Disorder..

It’s been a long time and now I’m ready to do it right! I’m ready to do life God’s way!

This is the best way, it always has been.. God’s way says I must love the person who hurt me, even if they cut me off in the parking lot, I am still to love them just like when Jesus was on the cross and said “Father forgive them, they know not what they do” I’m talking real stuff, see we have to mature as a body and we have to stop letting these little things tip us over.. I’m amused by how easily we as christians become discombobulated. We will come undone at the seams in a quick second, there’s no temperance about most of us and we want to say we are spirit filled and self controlled.. Lord have mercy because when you come we will not like the response you will have, we were so inward focused that we refused to see that there’s a neighbor right next door who needs us and is going through a rough divorce and just needs someone to check up on them and sit with them every now and then, there’s an elderly person who just needs someone to give them a call once a week to see how they are doing, and here it is I have a grandma who will be 85 in a few days and have not called her in weeks…

I have to Over Come this Super Selfish Nature and I am determined to do so.. The nature that says when I get home with my sweet little baby girl from dropping off her brother we need to go into separate rooms, until lunch time then it’s nap time.. Lord knows I will reap the reward of that selfish behavior in ways I never want to.. So as you and I are dealing with our own stuff and we all do have STUFF.. Just remember.. Please remember that there is always someone out there wishing they were in your and my shoes.. and if we are ever going to make any difference whatsoever and please the Lord of lords, we will have to take the focus from inward and turn it outward and give, pray and help someone else in need!


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