The Lies We believe!

Today was a very special day for me… well, it’s Monday, and it’s the last day of January.. Nothing else needs to be said!

This is another day I lived to see, I woke up this morning, and I was in my right mind.. (for the most part) I had a full portion of health and strength, I had food on my table and clothes on my back and was even blessed to have a roof over my head.. Now all of that is good. Then I started to look at my healthy children and I thought to myself.. Thanks God, you know you could have saw fit that it was another way, but you have allowed me also to still be married today when so many couples are really facing much more drastic situations together in this time on earth!

So with all that, I thought I was okay.. But the truth is, there’s always  something, everyone has something..
Deep down within my heart strayed off to my daughter Angel just for a moment and this is just one of the things I have had to face several times.. Feeling a great deal of regret for the things I did when I was younger, not really believing I was forgiven, I keep bringing it up as if that will help anything.. at all!

I began to think to myself.. why would such an awesome God allow me to give birth to such a beautiful child and then allow someone else to raise her and the lie I believed was that God was not good, that His will was not the best will and that I could not trust that He is working everything out for my good and His glory.. how many have ever believed that.. it could be in the slightest little things like how I spend my money.. I could inwardly not believe that God will provide for me, but I have to hold on to it all so I can save for a “rainy day” so I can’t give to others, that’s a lie.. and we believe these little lies, and letting them depress us become very ineffective in our daily lives and we don’t experience the abundant life Christ came and died that we should have.. as believers..
So today I want to challenge you.. as I challenge myself.. in what area’s are you believing lies, I have uncovered a couple of area’s for myself but there is more.. What if we exposed them all together and exchanged them for the truth.. and really lived that way daily.. I wonder how different life would be!


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