Time for Change!

When Obama came into office back in 2008 … My mother was the happiest person on earth.. She knew he would be the best president because this signified one major theme he had talked about through his whole campaign.. “Change” Although change is so painful it can also be so powerful! One thing our society realized was that we needed change, otherwise Obama would not be in office.
Whether he has carried out that change or not, well, don’t ask me all that.. but that’s my topic for today…
How many changes have we made in our lives, I mean that literally. I’m not talking about the changes we planned on making, or intended on making, but how many times have we said we would do something and it has become a part of our lives.. For instance about a year ago I decided I would start making a grocery list from a meal plan and every single week it has become ingrained in who I am… I make a grocery list every single week from a planned out meal schedule for an entire week..

In other area’s however I am not so successful. I started working out when my son was born, had to stop a few time, due to several pregnancies, but I jumped right back in after Aniah was born and I realized I was as big as I had ever been and I knew a change had to take place, I would not be wearing a size 14, the devil is a liar, I was going for one thing.. “Flat Abs” in the beginning, I only worked toward getting a smaller stomach and when I achieved partway there, well, I could honestly say it’s been months since I have made it my deal to follow through with a daily work out routine that I keep although I used to keep one very well for years.. and I got my weight down to a point where I decided to go back to my former way of eating and will not allow it to move from there because up until now I have not figured out that in order to see lasting change you can not lack self control!

Whenever we desire to see change in any area of our lives, at first it will not be easy, it will take giving somethings up so that you gain other things that may seem bad at first but will be more rewarding when your done.. Change! Change! There was a saying I used to always hear in high school..

“All living things must grow, and growth requires change and change is challenging”

How are you dealing with areas you see in your life that are out of control and need to change.. I see a couple, for instance I’m a stay at home mom, and my 4 year old is really starting to act out in ways that show others I really don’t spend much time teaching her much in the time we are here.. I realize then I must have less time on the computer and more time teaching her lessons, and playing puzzles with her during the day, when I look at my marriage I always say we need to have more time to date each other, but I realize if I really wanted that I could schedule one night a week and make it just our night for us and I could find a babysitter, and implement this but up until now it wasn’t important enough.. But I will always remember marriage is Always a priority! Then of course looking at my eating under pressure, I have got to stop hurting my wallet going to the Texas Roadhouse every time I have a stressful day and that’s sometimes 3 times a month.. I simply have to implement and carry out another plan.. All these things will take stepping out in faith to discipline myself to do my entire life differently, these things affect every area of my life.. but I realize much more I’m not sharing I have to change and here is where I start, it’s the beginning of my new year.. what about you!


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