It starts on the inside!

Are you aware that absolutely everything that we do, say and think does not come from no where, but it is a by-product of something we have been becoming and thinking for years.

This morning I was amazed as I walked my children to walk my son to school how much little children can remember even at such a tender young age as they are. I am astonished at how much their little brains retain and how they are just like sponges and those things we hope, wish and pray for them to forget we are shocked to hear come up because now we have to go and work on teaching them another way..
Well this morning as we walked I said.. Always remember be to kind to one another, even when others are unkind to you, remember that this is right in the Lord, and also remember to be patient with others because if the truth were told we need others to be patient with us most of the time.. and on top of all this when do we ever like it when someone is unkind to us, so I am only asking that we do these things we want others to do to us and I realized that I could not within myself instill these morals within my children but sometimes I just pray that when they are old and out on their own and I have left the earth they remember that I touch them the bible and because of that … they will Let the word of God be the richest most abundant thing they lean on..
See we lean on so many things these days, we trust in so many things, and we turn from the word of the Lord in the blink of a hat… but the truth is.. there will be people who dont even want our truth from God’s word they would much rather live in darkness, not so with my children.. they will live and walk in the light, letting the word dwell/ live/find residence in them.. You see there’s a difference in knowing the word and having the word so intimately that you know just what it means by what it says and that is your core belief way deep down inside.. that’s what I’m talking about, the word within making the changes for us!


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