You don’t NEED a bible…

Today absolutely, without a doubt revolutionized my life and this time of fasting and praying.. I see why it was named explicitly.. “Fasting and praying” not “fasting, reading the bible and praying” This to me has been revelational… because it is something that before today I would not have sat to even think twice about..

There could be spiritual growth without ever reading the bible, or without reading it on a regular basis.
My first answer to that question was …. No way! It’s not possible to grow in a relationship with Jesus Christ or God without reading my bible daily and for the most part it has been the main part of my journey with God, reading my bible, I mean since they print so many of them, you can come and see on my book shelf that obviously I feel strongly about them being the connection point between me and God knowing His word.. He said explicitly through knowledge of His word I have all I need as it pertains to life and godliness.. I read so much however about this true knowledge and if the truth be told that can only come through Jesus Christ Himself.
When I thought of the mentioned thing after this question was right I considered how they were right.. Printing press did not begin until 1466.. That’s when books started being printed and we could get the bible in one main language.. English, although I have known before there are lots of people who wish, I mean that literally only wish they could have their hands on a bible, the truth is 70% of the world I live in today, still wishes they could get their hands on a bible..

I was floored when it dawned on me that in the old testament they were not able to read the old testament. Some of the patriarchs in the faith, really, for real, they didn’t have a bible to read, no one listed in the hall of faith actually read a bible, not one day of their lives, most of them listened to the Torah read and had to make a choice to obey it and nothing was more pertinent than the prophets and the voice of God!

Now, it dawns on me.. after all these years of calling myself saved, having come to the conclusion of it in small parts of time before this.. Now it dawns on me, the most important thing ever is prayer..


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