Training/Raising/ Discipling!

Jesus was so incredible, He handpicked 12 ordinary men for greatness. The very fact that He Himself chose them and called them… is an awesome event to think on.. Sometimes, if we think of it, we didn’t seem to be the most likely candidates for God to use to do such great things for kingdom purposes..

Jesus parented these 12 men, He turned their lives upside down. He discipled these men so that when He left the earth they would be well equip to carry on His ministry!

Amazingly, this is the same thing we are called to do as parents and while we look at our call as something small and menial, God sees it as one of the greatest things we’ll ever do for His glory.
Some people put all their time in investing in their career, and their education and other things, but for the person who takes time to invest in their family, to put it first and train up their children in the way they ought to go, gets the legacy!

When I bought a (Yorkie) dog 2 times, the last 2 summers.. the truth is I had no clue what was necessary to train him and her.. year before last was Samson and this past year was Bella.. and when I purchased these 2 adorable dogs there were some things I didn’t understand about the responsibility that came with having them since they were both puppies and untrained at the time.. it would take time, dedication and effort and if anyone has ever trained a dog before you know the anger does not work. I tried that a lot and the anger always got me no where, I’d yell at them and whip them and try to get them to know i was very disappointed in them but that would not change them, it only made them afraid of me.. and they would want to go and hide and not connect..
Amazingly I’ve learned this same thing was what Jesus had modeled.. He did not model a loud, angry authority, instead He even served them and washed the disciples feet why, He understood children learn best by watching how you respond to problems.. This was revolutionary, so if we are to train, disciple, or raise any thing… we will have to follow the pattern of the one who does it best!

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