Look at how far we’ve come!

You know sometimes it marvels me to think back to my grandmother’s days of growing up! At 85, she tells me of days she remembers there was no toilet tissue, she remembers the day there was no phones and televisions, I think to myself.. Was it really not that long ago.. Because the way it seems these luxuries have been around forever. We come to a point where we get so into it that we have to have ALL the movie channels with our cable packages these days when there was a day when I was a little girl even that we only had 8 channels and we grew up on Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street..
That’s when there was no Pell Grants to help African American’s who had come up broke get through college. Now they make it so easy, if you grew up broker than broke your the #1 candidate for resources… But we don’t take it, we waste our lives away, while there were people like our gran-mama’s and gran-papas who fought and sweat blood for us to have some of the opportunities we have and we settle for less..
The saying these days is.. “I’ve got Jesus..I don’t need anything else” Many people would go so far as to say..
“This education stuff is all man-made and none of that matters to God, it’s all in the world” well I just want to know one thing.. Does God want the world to have more than His own children, it is my understanding that it is He who takes what you have and are using for His glory to bless you!
These days we wonder why we see so many children committing hideous crimes, it’s because we’ve fallen away from the priorities they had back in my grandma’s day, you see they would talk and have conversations, these days it’s all about the television or what I could get my child involved in.. We’ve become so busy that we have no time for real, genuine, long lasting relationships.. Can we return to our roots, if for no other reason for that.. Life was so simple, when all of this technology was away… But even though it’s added so much to us, we can see where it’s taken so much away.. My how far we’ve come!


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