The truth about having children!

Well, honestly, I know so many people have so many views of this. However, most of the things I have seen posted online about having children are not all that nice and personally I resent that in the greatest degree..
I am a stay at home mom, of sweet 4 year old daughter and 5 year old son.. I think it is something you become. It does not happen over night and it is certainly not easy.
Here’s the thing, I know people who love children and will keep having more and more because they are not in the least intimidated by the cost of raising them.. and let me tell you something about these people who love children so much they keep having them.. They are not selfish!

The truth is from a biblical stand point children are a blessing! The bible says the fruit of the womb are a blessing from the Lord.. While it is true back in the day people had children for all sorts of reasons. In bible times women were considered a disgrace if they did not have children because the son was the support the family should something happen to the father and that daughter was given in marriage to another… and they were to remain close to the family!

Amazingly, we have taken parenting and having children so far out of context that in our day it doesn’t take a village to raise a child, we are an island to ourselves and we feel like we don’t even need to know who our neighbors are. I think this is a shame, because it’s no wonder so many children are turning out “in your face and Matter of factly” these children miss out on so much because we live in a day where there’s no such thing as quality time any more we live for technology and therefore we don’t do things together any more.. and that’s what makes life what it is and gives it quality!

My children can sometimes be a handful, but you know the truth is that they are only a handful when I am being selfish and full of myself, not realizing they are a product of the love their father and I share.

This morning I was walking my little one to school with the other little one.. and we had to take umbrella’s the weather prediction was not good, but the rain had not started really bad, so I was a little skeptical because sometimes little one’s walk a little slower when they have to carry something.. but one of the most beautiful things happened as I beckoned the little princess to come ahead.. She smiled and just a few days ago she lost her first teeth and she smiled with this huge smile.. and I saw the beauty in that moment..
Children are a slice of who we are that we leave behind..One of these days we will all leave this earth and the purpose, the goal of our time here is to reproduce something that looks like us, thinks like us and acts like us so that when we are gone we truly live on!

This is the beauty in my little one’s one day I will look at my little princess and one day I will look at what is now my almost 6 year old prince and they will be grown ups they will be adults and if I have trained them well they will be productive benefits to this world we live in that will represent the world to come well!


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