Be Merciful~

One thing we don’t experience very much in our society is Mercy!

Parents often tell their children things like; “If you keep doing that I’m going to beat you without mercy!”

We tend to take this word so lightly because no one has fully understood the full weight of it. I want to illustrate it in a story!

There was a young woman, she was in a lot of debt! Literally “in over her head” She had a lot of things that she couldn’t show for it any longer the debt had gone on so long, she had long exhausted her resources but the truth is the debt remained.. and she had no way of paying in her entire lifetime..

Isn’t it amazing how we can use up in a New York second something it would take us a life time to pay for..

She was called by the government and they told her..Ok, it’s time for you to start paying up, and we don’t just want you to pay something on your debt, we’ve held off on this long enough we’re going to need you to pay in full. She cried out to that person who called her and said.. “No! Please, I can’t afford for you to garnish my check I have 4 children to feed now and I simply can’t afford to start paying anything either” Having listened to her case, even though she rightly did owe them.. They had granted her request for this special case and told her… Ok, your debts, all of them have been cleared and you no longer owe any of it..

Yet, this same lady had a cousin up the block who owed her $20.00, and she saw that cousin the next week, and she knew when the cousin was coming everything she was going to say because she was absolutely furious at that cousin.. after all she’s been owing her that $20.00 for a whole month now.. And well, it was time in her mind she got paid.. Now that cousin is a young lady who has issues of her own and she also needs to be granted…”Mercy” but the she won’t hear of it.. She says to that cousin when she grabs her by the throat.. PAY ME RIGHT NOW! I’m not waiting until tomorrow..

Someone saw this incident and made a phone call to the government and told them that this same lady who just told them when she was shouting last week she had received mercy had refused to give it her own family member.. And she received a knock at her door at that time, she was taking to jail and she was not released for a long time..

You see here is my point.. Sometimes, it is good to remember that we freely receive mercy when we wake up every morning, we freely receive mercy when we have health and strength in our body and someone else is suffering with cancer and on their death bed today, we freely receive mercy, this great thing we do not deserve..Mercy! We talk about the fact that we didn’t wake ourselves up this morning, His mercies are new every morning, we talk about how the mercy of God kept us when we should have been killed in a car accident or it wasn’t our children who were diagnosed with a deadly disease and yet we don’t take that same Mercy! And give it to our children on their worst day, yet we receive it on our worst of worst days.. In Luke 6:36 Jesus Said… “Be Merciful (Be literally means Become) merciful… Just as your Father is Merciful”

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