What You Say!

Well, there was something I heard a lot back home in New Orleans…

We had our own language.. Growing up in New Orleans was the coolest thing ever. We had the Mardi Gras (Throw me something mista) We had the cool jazz music (house of blues) we had Bourbon Street which was always full of stuff to see and think about.. We had the coolest biggest city park (not to mention my dad used to work there and cut all that pretty grass) I could remember so many fond things like walking to the corner store and getting pig lips or chips and a po boy sandwhich.. But we had our sayings too.. “Babee” “Unh, nah nah nah nah!” I love the feel of New Orleans, even though they had bumpy streets that would total your car in a minute… You had to always know where you were to know if you needed to slow down in that area, the speed bumps didn’t have warning signs sometimes.. LOL!
But when someone said something that was particularly astounding or funny the person listening would say..”What you Say!” and it wasn’t that they said that it was the way they said it.. I love our slang too.. But there was something about repeating what you said or that person thinking or going over in their mind to ponder on it good or bad that leads me to think there was power in the words we speak.. to influence other people one way or another..

Words have impact and they matter… but more importantly was the thought they provoked, either they made the person light hearted or heavy hearted. It was always amazing to see some of the sights in my home town, but to me that’s home.. When I describe New Orleans to someone who has never been there I paint a picture in their mind about what New Orleans is like. Wouldn’t it be silly for someone who had only been to New Orleans one time for one day to say they knew anything about the city, honestly, the probably haven’t even seen the city in one day.. how many things do we talk about just to be heard, they used to have a saying.. “You talking a whole lot but you ain’t sayin’ nothing” Amazingly, even when we are saying nothing at all, with many words we slander others when they are not around, we hurt people’s feelings and paint pictures of things that make people thing they are what they are not.. So as we think up new ways to tell stories, let’s tell them based on truth.. what we know not what we conjure up!


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