Learning to Lean on the right thing!

What do you lean on? You know in a rich society such as the one we live, we have the luxury of leaning on so many things? Women like to stand up for our rights, because we lean on the fact that we are human and well, we deserve just as much rights to the work force as the man and to make the same money as them, because we lean on our abilities being greater..

We lean on our own understanding when we shack up, and I shacked with my husband about 1 year before we were married.. We think we know the best way and the way we think of doing the thing works out best.

We tend to  think that loving relationships can be made up of whatever formula we decide.. be in male/male, Male/female, female/female, female/female/male… whatever the case… We tend to think that this is the most fun and pleasing way for me so why not try the same flavor or different flavors all at once, isn’t life all about pleasures..

And what of this whole delayed gratification concept.. Nah, we teach our children from an early age, if you want something, if you have a little money in your bank, you can go on and spend it, don’t worry about tomorrow, just live pay check to paycheck mama and daddy did and didn’t it work .. We made it.. even though it was barely!

We tend to think of ways of disciplining our children are the correct way, those who are against spanking stand firm and those who are for it stand firm and those straddling the fence.. well, God bless your souls!

Yet here’s the truth.. “Trust in the LORD with ALL your heart and LEAN NOT on YOUR OWN understanding.. in ALL your WAYS acknowledge HIM and He will DIRECT your path!”
When we look at all the issues I’ve mention they are mentioned in the bible which is truly God’s word.. It is Him speaking clearly about how He feels about each of our situations. He speaks of marriage, He speaks of divorce, He speaks of child rearing, relationships, He speaks of things randomly and boldly and if we pay attention He speaks to us personally about our situations.. tailored as it may be!

The Lord is not unjust that He would leave us stuck and in a rut if we are really seeking to do things His way, He will grant us hope and peace and He will make a way for us to escape any temptation, we must be willing to take it.. We must be willing to trust Him that He is the ultimate source of all we need and only in Him can we fine real life.. when we learn to lean on Him!


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