A mothers’ Love!


When you think of a mother, what is the first thing that comes to mind.. Hm! Frustrated, disgusted, stressed out.. Under pressure.. Locked, Loaded and ready to shoot.. When you think of a mother do you see love! When you think of a mother do you think of your mother.. No matter what kind of mother you had.. All of us had a mother.. or have a mother.. As a mother, to reflect on a mother’s love is special to my own heart. As a mother of young children not seeing the end result of my own children I look around at other women who can encourage me along the way!
I was at one of my mom’s groups this past week and when I saw this lady a friend of mine.. with her 2 daughters I immediately thought to capture this moment.. Honestly, she had no idea how much she inspired me at that moment.. But I not only thought of how I used to carry my little daughters and son.. but how my mother carried me, and how there are women all over the world who wish they had a privilege to carry a baby, not only in their arms but in their belly!

For those women my heart would ache.. Even if your the greatest feminist who ever lived you still want the privilege of carrying a baby in your womb.. But why? What’s all that about? It’s the beauty of knowing there’s someone growing inside of you.. Whom, when you see you will pour so much love upon they won’t be able to handle it..
Now the amazing thing is this is exactly why they are created. They take the us and enhance it.. They add and not take away!

Today I was walking with my little princess and I wanted to rush the walk home up and she wanted to stop and pay attention to the ant pile and the beautiful flowers on every tree and in the grass she had to stop and pick up or smell them and the first thing I thought to myself was.. Hey you! I don’t have time for this… Just walk! Just keep moving, I’m ready to get home and do nothing but blog.. and that can’t wait.. I did not take the moment and make the most of it.. I normally pack her on my back and carry her home like a back pack.. but this time I decided to let her rip.. and boy did she ever.. She wanted to stop and smell the roses and I wanted to walk and ignore the roses the pretty black rabbit hopping across the street and the pretty bird designs in the bird who kept flying past us.. Children make you stop and see things that you simply would not have other wise and if your not careful you miss moments that can last a life time.. This moment this precious lady was having with her children will soon pass.. It’s only a moment.. soon they will be school age and life will have gone on… what will she be able to say was going on in this moment..

She stopped and she smiled for a camera.. simply because she is a mom.. and moms rock because she has value even if only for this fact!


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