The Walk to School!


This morning was one of my moments..

It was the first day I walked Benjamin to school with his new bike.. He was so excited since last night. We bought him a lock so he could leave it at school and I would not have to constantly pull it along in the evenings.. I was actually excited for this new experience!
When we got there I told him we would have to ride over to where the kids leave their bikes and we actually left home 4 minutes early and we got there early enough!

They had a ball riding their bikes.. They loved it! I loved it, running to keep up behind them made me feel great!

When we got there I did not even have to tell him the word for his lock combination he remembered and had been practicing last night quite awhile.. When we got there he already knew what to do.. He did everything himself, all I had to do was watch him.. It was one of those moments.. you have to capture in your heart, you can’t get it all in a picture.. although I do have a pic of him on this new bike..I will take another one when I pick him up this evening and he is opening his lock!
As we walked home there was a man who came out of his house and well.. Aniah is very good at telling people when they look pretty, at first I thought… She just tells every lady she meets they look pretty, and I’m almost like “Aniah that’s enough, stop telling women that all over the place” but today she saw a man and she said to him.. You look OLD! REALLY REALLY OLD! I could have fell apart right there because she kept saying it and I had to shut her up somehow..
Children, they can be so honest can’t they, saying things we adults wouldn’t dare dream of saying to one another if we want to be respectful!


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