A child’s love for mama and visa versa!

One thing you never have to be concerned about when you have children is if the child will be dependent upon you. You will not have to worry if the baby will trust you and you will not have to worry about if you will have a chance to form a relationship with a child as long as they are living in your house and they see you everyday..

Last night I was at church and I saw a little girl, so pretty, she looks exactly like her mama.. I was watching the children play out in the jungle gym and she came out with a loud scream.. MAMA! MAMA! And when I saw her walk out it was like she was saying, don’t mess with me I will not be handled by anyone else, I just want my mama, and I sure hope she’s out here because if not then I will just have to keep screaming until I find her. Her mother had stepped out of her sight only for a moment and she was feeling it..
My how I wish I could be like that when I step out of the presence of God for a moment.. Crying and Saying..DADDY! DADDY! Looking for Him until I have Him back in the room with me!

The little girl could not have been more than 1 year old and I remembered when my children were that age and I wanted to take a picture to capture that moment when she saw her momma and she began to reach up for her and really try to get her affection because in her mind her crying should have showed her mother that she missed and loved her since that was all she had known to do since her infancy!
This brings me to another story of a lady I know who is so sweet and dear to my heart and well.. She is a precious mama too! She stays home with her children and we went to visit a couple of days ago.. When we took a walk with her 3 and 1 year old, my little one was almost a little impatient from times because sometimes children can digress and she had been taught to walk on forward.. The little girl with us.. had hurt her hand and there was no blood.. But she wanted to act as though there was.. It was amazing how beautiful this was.. there was no blood.. but her mother still took her and showed her she loved her by kissing her hand… the little one being a drama queen insisted there must have been blood.. her mother just did not see it.. It was almost hilarious that we can do the same things with God.. We can be screaming and cutting up for a little fall we had that honestly caused no harm or injury while He could be saying.. “Yes, I see that, get up and move on, we are saying.. No! No! But you have to give attention to this issue” While He’s saying, but there’s no blood, surely if there was blood I am God enough to come to your rescue, but we cry when we think God is not there and we look for Him desperately when He’s expecting strength of us.. He is still yet with us, but after He kisses our boo boo He says to us, ok, now on the the next thing!



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