Clipping the wings!

Last Tuesday, I decided to buy a bird, I was on a binge..
My sweet dear husband had bought  a fish the Friday before last for our daughter, which really ignited me because I have always had a love and desire for animals, and that’s when I took it to the extreme…. I went to the pet store and bought a rabbit! The whole while I had been saying I wanted a bird, but I bought a beautiful pink and white rabbit… (See pic posted below) When I bought the rabbit, I decided he/she would be called my pet, since my daughter has the fish and by then I figured out that my son would definitely need a pet to call his own.. Well, my husband gave me a heads up that he had asked for A Bird.. Perfect! I thought to myself, I could certainly buy him a bird.. (See pic posted below) and we went immediately to buy this bird, so we go from 0 pets in the house to 3 in one weekend..

When we bought the birds the store keeper decided it would be best to clip his wings.. She said when we got the bird home we could simply leave the bird out of the cage and put him in a bath tub and let him get used to us.. we could pet him and all … This way he could not fly!
We finally got him home and my little children were so excited to start “playing” with the new bird that the excitement overwhelmed them!
We all sat there on the bed trying to touch this scared bird.. and he was very frightened.. I started to think to myself.. “What was the logic in her telling us to take a bird to a new place and before he had a chance to get used to any of us just tell us to all go at him and since he can’t run away just force your way.

Let me tell you, to force you way onto anything is a shame!

This bird became terrified of us.. This bird was not happy with us trying to pet him! When I finally got tired of my children who have no idea about how to handle an animal anyway running behind the thing I finally asked my husband to put him back into the cage, and that’s where he’s been ever since. The bird has not chirped, until today… inside the house.. As a matter of fact he’s chirping now.. He only hopped around the cage, he found his way to move away since he figured out he could not fly it was almost as if it had depressed him..

So I was concerned awhile, here it is we’ve got this bird and he can’t fly, does not like us, whenever we go near his cage he runs the opposite way and will not chirp, unless I sat him outside.. every day I would sit him outside and that’s when he was just let it rip.. He would chirp at the other birds that live in our back yard and I would be happy to hear him.. but this afternoon something broke through in him and while I was napping.. I heard the loud chirps, I thought something was wrong because it was not normal.. Nah, he’s just come around..

Let me tell you that I thought to myself in that moment.. Birds were created for a reason.. They were created to fly, it becomes natural to them.. They were created to chirp and do what some people call singing and they even told me at the shop that this one we bought could possibly talk a little and I thought Wow! What great fun we will have with it.. Yet I realized the moment you take away from anything or anyone to do what it was created to do, it does not function well.. The moment you or I lose our purpose for getting up every morning we don’t quite go…. He would sit there in that cage and just look at us, he would listen to me talk to him and every now and then my kids would ask if they could take him out and I would say no because he’s not used to us yet.. I think he’s actually finally just getting there because he’s starting to chirp.. But I realized something throughout this entire situation.. I could exist a full life but die empty because I let someone cut my wings and I never had a chance to really live!


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