I’m actually going to do it!

I’ve began the endeavor of writing and publishing my first book!
Honestly, I could not imagine any thing could come so naturally anyone would call work. I don’t feel like I’m working at all, I feel like I am just doing what I love.. In expectation that it will be a blessing to someone else to read!
So today I bought another parakeet.. Yup, I felt like little Skyler needed a companion so I went out and got him a girlfriend to share his life with .. You see life is always better when it’s done with someone else!
As I’m sitting and writing my children are sitting next to me and the television is on and suddenly I think to myself.. I’m not supposed to be able to sit in such a situation and write a best seller, surely this book will need all of my undivided attention like a job.. But just assuredly, I’m sitting here writing this blog with my 4 year old next to me and Peppa Pig on television. When it comes natural it’s what you can do with your eyes closed, it’s what you can do in your sleep if someone woke me at 3a and said… write about this.. I could do it in only seconds without being intimidated at all.

I love the fact that when you find your nitch, it’s just natural and nothing else you do can or will fulfill you as much even if you want it to!
Just as it is with those birds I now have.. Looking at them is so amusing, they are two different colors and they are so cute, even though they took a minute to get acquainted, now they seem to be absolutely inseparable… And so it is when you discover your purpose, when you meet with your destiny, your purpose, your identity, suddenly you will become inseparable!


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