What humanity was made to look like!

I don’t know if you’ve ever had a chance to watch the movie..”Gulliver’s Travel’s” when I was in college a few years back in an english class gave an assignment to watch the whole 4-5 hour movie then sit and write about it. So although if I would have had a choice I would probably not have willingly sat through and watched the entire movie, things got interesting in the second half..

I saw different scenario’s that a man describes happens in his life that completely takes his life and shakes it up. So that what he thought was real, was really not real at all. It was not good and it was not commendable.
In the end of the movie he made reference to a horse he called “mistress” and he began to talk about all he’d learned from her. She was a houyhnhnm… and they were in great contrast against the yahoo’s. The Yahoo’s represented any form of bad or evil in human character and ironically all of human character had become flawed..
When I looked at this movie and saw him trying to protest against these horses that he was nothing like these yahoo’s I took note that he said.. They argued about nothing at all, and just had fights to hold their hands up in the air and say they won. The Yahoo’s were more concerned about things that did not matter they fought each other about who would get the diamonds.. as if it had so much value, while we realize when we die these… things will have absolutely no value at all.. But as for us humans, right now all that matters is how to get the cheese. How to make it happen and be rich. We want the big house and we dress our bodies in these designer closed, bodies that are decaying every single day. We want to look good to others after all what kind of person you are is dictated by what kinds of clothes you wear, can you afford lace or silk.. That’s what we look at.. We want to see that you are well kept. I think it’s hilarious because we pride ourselves on the bigger our house is.. while we were never made to be a society that fights our way to the top of that corporate ladder. We were never made to be a society that forfeits family for a promotion on our jobs, we were not made to live in such a way that we saw being right over winning someone’s affection!

I think we have become so mixed up as a culture we go after sex as if it’s some commodity, anything to make us feel good.. I see women posting pictures on websites with no clothes on to attract attention of men who just may have some lack of sex in their marriage.. I think this is disgusting and degrading one’s own body.. It breaks my heart to see a young girl who has to show off her breast and behind to get a man’s attention, because we don’t have a clear understand that none of what he will give you will matter in the end..
I just hope we all learn.. that includes me.. what it looks like to be unselfish and to be rational and whole truly cultured to a different way, opposite the one we currently live!


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