From pushing Strollers to Pulling bikes!

Hi My name is Kevilynj and I’m a stay at home mom. I’m not a home schooling mom, although I have greatly considered that. I am a stay at home mom, and until my youngest one is in school this is my chosen vocation by the grace of God!

I’ve grown quite a bit since God has decided to give me children.
You know it had nothing to do with me choosing to have children, and everything to do with God choosing to give me children!
I could not have conceived these little one’s on my own and neither did I have power to carry them full term on my own and they all.. All 3 of my children would have gone over due while I was a preemie myself!
The Lord has been good..
As I have began this book adventure I have to say, my life has changed. I am also looking for a job! A great job, A fulfilling job! A job that is ordered just for me!

When I think of the children God gave me I think of the word reward. Even waking up in the middle of the night becomes a privilege when you think of the women who steal babies and who envy pregnant women so much for their lack of ability to conceive, it makes me grieve getting my tubes tied because I was a very fertile married woman.. I thank God now for that because I realize it was more of a blessing than a curse..

I would also count the days we sat in the hospital getting shots updated and holding them as their hero when it was over a blessing! The children the Lord has given me, my have they grown.. To having a full mouth of teeth to now losing teeth and worrying about keeping them up well.From pushing strollers as we walked to today, pulling bikes up hills and down the street.. Having children, being given that privilege has changed my life. While I’m at church now I’m not carrying a baby in my arms having to comfort them with bottles, but I still have to direct them… come this way or go that way.. Suddenly, I realize, it’s only an exchange.. We exchange one season for another.

My sweet husband has been there from day one, and as the seasons change with our children so the seasons change in the God given marriage!
The Lord is an awesome God.. I have seen my husband grow from a man who changed diapers and got up as much as he could in the middle of the night to feed babies, taking pictures on birthday’s to teacher of mathematics and trainer of righteousness.. it has been such a privilege to share this vocation with him.. I know others have had to do it alone and I feel so sorry for them, because I know it was not made to be that way, and while everything is not always perfect.. God allows grace to see from one season to the next that as long as we live life will be categorized by change.. I am so writing out my book’s plot at this moment but that’s ok! The Lord is still good!


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