Getting the call!

Today, I was called by my oldest daughter’s father. He said that our daughter should be having her liver transplant very soon. I could not tell you how I felt. This is my first born child.. And I had been praying for her since I heard she needed a transplant, I even had her little brother and sister praying for her in our prayer time.. They would remember to ask God to heal her and just last night we had prayed that prayer.. and it was amazing to get the call.. I felt relieved, I felt like I needed to be with her, I felt like I wanted to just call and call and call the hospital and get every single minute by minute update..
Can anyone sympathize with that feeling. Ever had your child suffer.. Greater love has no one than the one who would come to see about us when we are suffering..

My first desire is just to be there… Just to hold her hand, to hold her in my arms, and kiss her and let her know I love her..
Ever wanted to lay your teen across your lap and pat her back and say… Mommy is here and now everything will be okay! I’m not leaving your side..

that is where I am today!


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