All Power!

What is this concept all about!

Jesus, when He was returning from the dead told His disciples all power had been given to Him, in heaven and in earth. What does that look like to possess ALL Power!

We can’t conceive of that as humans! We think we all have some form of power. We are taught to believe that there are also “Powers” that be.. We tend to attribute everything to something or someone, who had the power to cause it to happen!
But Jesus! Had so much power, that He could go down into the pits of hell and come back.. Alive! Having the keys of death and hell.. Jesus! His very name is so powerful that at the sound of His name demons tremble and have to flee.. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess indeed, nor or later that He is Lord to the glory of God.
What does it mean that He has been given ALL Power! It looks like victory for all of us who trust in Him. It looks like victory, over sickness, sin and hatred.. We don’t quite understand how one person would live so perfectly and die so righteously such a horrible death.. But….. He lives and He will never die again.. We can run to the mercy seat where He said His grace would cover us.. His blood is given freely to provide healing.. That shed blood on the cross still has power.. it never runs low or runs out.. for all who turn to Him to be saved and all who were dead before Him had the opportunity to rise to everlasting life. Talk about ALL power.. Well, we may have it in small measure in some situations, but Jesus! His power will be over all Forever!

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