Think about what you think about!

My mama used to tell me all the time.. “Watch what you say!” or “Think before you speak!”  Honestly, I never did quite understand it like I have today!

Did you know that the Heavens and the Earth were all created by the power of a Word. The Heavens and the Earth will respond to words.. The authority is in the power is that of the mouth to bring for life or death.. health or sickness.. Now I do not believe that people are right when they have a cold and they say they do not have a cold.. that would be a lie..

Even those 3 Hebrew boys in the book of Daniel did not deny that the king made the edict, they were just well aware that they believed in a King who was much greater than he and they knew He had power to deliver them whether they had to die or not! So their confessions/ words were still in line with what they believed.. and they never said…”I’m not going into that fiery furnace” they just said.. “the God that we serve is able to deliver us and even if He doesn’t we still won’t bow down to you!
When you think of it.. Your words come from one primary source.. Your thoughts.. So if you are monitoring carefully to think the truth, you will only speak positively and hopefully from God’s promises and not your situation realizing heaven and earth must respond!

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