The Tea Party Experience!

Yesterday I had the beautiful experience of participating in my first tea party!

Let me just start by saying I had no idea I was supposed to wear a dress and a hat! I just showed up in my regular jeans and tea shirt.. thankfully, I wasn’t the only one.. Many of the women bought clothing for the other women to make sure they were dressed accordingly with their pretty little and big hats..

I thought it was quite sedity! I really had to be instructed on this one. I was with a lot of more mature women who helped me in the best way possible.

There were actually instructions… of course you never sip.. that’s right, sip, not slurp or drink your tea… Never sip your tea with a full mouth. Tea is not used to swallow down your food with.. How funny,I thought.. I would never do that! LOL!

There were even sandwiches to go with the tea and some kind of wonderful tasting cookies for desert I absolutely wish I had more of..
The funniest thing is that I realized most of the women here were actually just like me.. They were taking way too much and they were well, like that lady in titanic who had gotten a big fortune when her husband died and had just come into a lot of money.. Remember her.. I sat next to a lady like that..

The china was beautiful and the tea with creme and cubed sugar was great! It was one of those experiences you only have when you can afford to be a stay at home mom.. Normally women who have to go out and work and define themselves by the living they make don’t have any time to go sit with other women and be feminine and by the way, you won’t find any men in places like this.. Men don’t sip tea! This is only for the ladies.. How beautiful an event it was. I took away from it that there can be so much more beauty to life that God designed just for women to experience that every day we may not get to do, but when we get those moments, it’s best to live them to there fullest!


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