My Plastic God becomes Flesh!

Ok, today I had a startling reality check. I wanted to share it with you because I thought you too might benefit from my discovery!

I was sitting asking myself some real questions this morning when it dawned on me. I really do believe in God, But I have not truly believed God.. If this were the case why am I so impatient, why am I so easily bothered and offended, if I had really known God.. See there’s a difference in knowing about God and knowing God.. Let’s get this straight God can be known by those who are really seeking Him.

But how do we know God? Do we know Him by having a steady diet of reading His word.. Nah, I don’t think so, if that were the case, half the people in the bible would not know God because for the writing of most of the new testament all they had was old testament and while the old testament was being accomplished what were these people living by.. Yet, some of them we read about had real relationship with God and knew Him personally.. What about people like Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob.. these are patriarchs but guess what… they had no bible, so it would be a lie to say the way to know God is to read His word.. it’s a quick way to get a plastic God!

You see I know the paper God, the one written about in the bible.. When hard times hit however or I’m having a “bad” day! By the way most of what I consider bad days are really my best days but because of the view I have taken of God on that given day I call it bad.. It all germinates from what is really in my heart.. What’s going on in my mind when I think about that situation and I put God in it.. Do I think He’s even able to handle that situation.

Can He change me?? Is He really faithful?? Truth is, I received Him over 16 years ago, and the truth is.. I am still learning about Him every single day, He’s still making some truths so plain to me.. Just this morning He made a scripture in Matthew put into context blow my mind.. I mean this is the type of God I’m speaking about.. Has He become flesh? Have I taken Him out of His little box.. See that’s what I’ve reduced God to. I say to Him, “Your allowed in my prayer time dear Lord, but when I get up off my knees, face or behind, the rest of the day is all me and your no where to be found unless I’m calling on you” But what if I thought this way..”God is in everything I do, and He is with me wherever I go and not only does He see me, and what I’m thinking and doing, but He sees my motives behind it in my heart!” How Awesome is that! I sing the little songs with my children and don’t get me wrong I love to worship. But how often to I take that experience more than an hour away from the moment. I need to keep doing it again, and again.. While it should be a moment where He lives in me and I die completely and it is no longer I who live.. When Has He become Flesh? Flesh in me?? When I can take my eyes off of myself and look at someone else.. and say, I know I’m going through and I have problems of my own, but I will still reach out to you, why? because your more important than me! Do I really believe that God wants to bless the person who cut me off through me, by me simply having an understanding, even for the mean cashier in the store, or the person who speaks a foreign language and is trying to sell me something or resolve my issue with my services on the phone and all I want to do is rudely say.. “Can you put someone on the phone who speaks English, I don’t trust that you are a good person and I don’t like you because of the way you speak” How we judge others and keep God in His little plastic box.. We limit God to a picture on our walls, we can glance up at Him when we get ready to say a quick little prayer.. We think He can be limited to just the places we want to let Him into.. When He wants to invade it all.. When He wants to be part of everything

Just now my daughter came off of the computer and I was writing this blog entry… and she wanted Serious Attention.. My first thought was…PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE! I wanted her to go and find something else to do.. I wanted her to get out of the way.. I almost wished she’d just grow up already.. I’m exposing my flaws because this is how much I have limited God.. I did not treat her very kindly, thinking God won’t see and neither will He care.. but what if His agenda for me is completely different than the agenda I have for myself??? What If!?

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