A dim light in a dark room!

I want you to imagine with me if you would.. Imagine you’ve been invited to a place, when you got the invitation you looked up the location and decided to do some research about what this place was like. In your research you found that this was one of the most prestigious places in the world. You learned that the place was extravagant. The furniture in the place was flawless, and the drapes on the windows were the prettiest anyone could ever see, the furniture in this place is immaculate! You start envisioning the carpet which others have written reviews about how plush and beautiful it is they’ve had to take their shoes off to feel it for themselves.. and the coloring on the walls is so contemporary, you think to yourself.. I don’t want to visit here, I want to live in this place.. this is a great invitation and certainly I am going to this party…

You’ve viewed pictures of this place and the building, from the outside is just so tall and beautifully designed that you think about that day all the way up until the day when it’s time to go there..

But when you get there you realize you’d looked up the right location, but the pictures you saw were not quite accurate, you can’t see any of this stuff.. The building looked pretty on the outside but it was night time so you couldn’t really see the beauty of it the way you would have in the light of day and here you are walking to the door only to open in and it seems as if no one is there and the place is vacant because every thing is dark.. you think to yourself.. Have I come to the right place, and you check the address to make sure it’s correct and matches the one you were given.. Then suddenly, you have a desire to look for a light switch because if this place is anything like what you saw on the pictures and in your research you want the experience you have been looking for for quite some time..

You search endlessly feeling for a light switch along the walls but you can’t feel any.. Suddenly you go through your purse and that little flash light that you had on your key ring suddenly becomes handy. You click it and there some of the darkness is dispelled but you can still only see in pieces.. Only in bits and wherever you put the light. But it’s beautiful nevertheless, what you can see in the little pieces is gorgeous and you want more but wonder intensely where to find the light..
This is what every believer is.. A Small Light in a Dark World.. they always sang this song as I was growing up.. “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine!” When we think about what the world sees when they look at us it’s amazing that we can choose to show them a glimpse of that heaven is really like or we can choose to live in the darkness and show them what the light is not like.. But if we are only but a little lamp, a little lighter flicker of light …. we will draw them.. we were made to draw them to the bigger light.. In marriage we were made to draw our spouse to the bigger light, with our children we were made to lead them to the bigger light.. we ourselves are not the Light.. But we are the Light of this world only because there is a great source that lives in us who we reflect and if we don’t reflect very well and our lights grow dim, what hope does the world have of ever coming to the one who could illuminate the entire room! What a revelation!


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