The Source of Joy!

I have to be honest, who really believes in this thing called Continual joy.. There’s a song they used to sang when I first got saved: “This joy I have, the world didn’t give it to me, The world didn’t give and the world can’t take it away!”

I think so many times our joy is caught up in so many other things… things that are destined to fail. Anything on this earth, be it a car, a relationship, a place… It gets old at some point. It changes… It doesn’t always remain.. But there is one thing, One person that does.. The Word of the Lord and the person of Jesus Christ!
He won’t ever change and the Words He spoke will always be life changing and life giving… Otherwise why would the bible still be the best seller of all times.. You can find a bible in more houses in our country than any where else on the globe. Many people turn to it in times of need and many people just keep it in their homes for keepsakes.. they think if they have one, that alone causes them to be eligible for a blessing!

But I’m here to say it’s more than that.. To have true abiding joy, you must be mature in the things of God!

His word and understanding of it must be branded on your heart. To have joy does not mean life is perfect but it means the reason for that joy is perfect.. When we think about joy, it’s always outward.. No one ever is joyful on the inside but outwardly stuck up and ugly, or tight faced.. It is always something that is contagious because the person who has it must make a conscious choice that regardless of my situation I will stand on the promises God gave me in His word by Faith..
My Faith is the Source of the only real, True, Continuous abiding joy and it is what shows my maturity in times of great tribulation and distress!


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