God is Good for it!

In today’s culture trying to teach our kids that the best things in life really aren’t things is kind of hard. We live in such a fast paced society! When I was growing up for instance.. We didn’t have a computer and a laptop, and there was not a television with cable on it in our room. We had the one television in the living room. We keep saying: “I don’t want my children to have the kind of life I had” By that we mean we don’t want them to experience not always getting what they want. Maybe we think we had it hard growing up, but just in case we hadn’t noticed having to clean those dishes at 2a now makes us a better person and more clean. Have we not realized that the lack of so much things gave us more connectedness to those who were caring for us. We had the atari and nintendo.. we had all those little things like game boy.. But we could only play them at certain times they were not the pinnacle of our day!

I think we have come a very long way, but we still have so much growing to do.

When we think back to Jesus’ time.. there were no such things as cars and jets and planes, and computers or even tv’s. We passed down our faith. We told our children about the love of God and constantly went over in our minds what He has done for us out loud with our children. This is so important but missing in our day. We have the televisions feeding us so much.. But is it really good for us.. Recording divorce court to watch when we get home from work, sitting on the sofa looking at the thing everything in the living room revolves around.. I wish one day I can walk into a house where there is no television in the living room and it is not the central theme of the house and there is no movie room.. It’s just a worship room.. Some family that wants to be radical and live different. That’s what I wish I could produce.. why? Because God is good for it. Jesus walked the earth.. He is good enough to grasp my attention, He came from heaven and His very presence means anointed one!

You see He healed the sick, He raised the dead, he healed lepers, He turned water into wine without every even touching the pots, He was so powerful, He simply spoke a word in one place and someone was healed in another. He spoke to a fig tree and it dried up from the root.. Without having to be instructed or inspired by anyone. He didn’t wake up to coffee every morning to get Him going and He was not annoyed by the fact that people all around Him needed Him.. He was never selfish, never prideful and His goal in life was not the next Mercede’s Benz, Jesus was not interested in an iphone, and it was not important to Him to outdo His co-worker for the best position on the job.. He didn’t want to climb the ladder He wanted to help others get up the ladder.

Maybe we’ve missed it here but His priorities seemed different. And did He not still have peace, did He not still have joy.. The most important things in life are not things at all.
I was watching a show yesterday on the tube and there was a relatively aging man and he kept all these antique things that his father had passed down to him. They had no worth at all in today’s time, but he held on to them at all, although he was offered money to take away his “junk” he had no desire to acquire more because he was satisfied with what his daddy left him. Family meant everything and  he had hoped one day he could pass down to his own son what his father left and he would find it just as valuable.
God is good for our attention.. you don’t think He deserves more of our time. Yes, there was a time people lived without a cell phone and they didn’t have to text someone every 2 minutes, even while their driving.. Where has our priorities gone.. We could be driving but we have to check face book. The world is coming to an end and our values and priorities are in the wrong places and on the wrong things.. The things that matter most are not things at all.. But relationships we build with the people that mean the most.. One day, I believe to walk in a house where no one has an iphone and computers are extinct.. getting an ipad is unnecessary, and cable.. is out the window because the only God in the house is the Lord of lords and King of kings.. I pray when you read this you are blessed.. I have prayed God would lead specific people to see this blog entry and may it provoke a change in us all!


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