Time waits on No 1!

Have you ever heard that statement: “You can replace, or replenish everything else but time!”

Time doesn’t wait on anyone! They often say yesterday is a bounced check, tomorrow is a check unwritten, but today is the spendable cash!

When we think about time, we don’t normally think of it as a very important commodity. We watch the clock when we have an appointment to make, and let’s not talk about a date.. But what if that appointment or date is actually a waste of time, we are wasting time getting ready for. Amazing the things we Waste time doing…


Every day some of us get up and get ready for work not realizing our jobs are literally taking away time that  makes up our lives and here we are going to work on a job we have no real interest in or love for.. Would you not prefer to give your time to something that you really love, investing in something that really mean something to you.. You do know if you do what you love, it’s not work at all right!

But this time we have…. they say we will live on the earth only a dash between two dates.. 80-100 years at best, compared to an eternity… a never-ending date! 

It’s already May, can you believe it, we have already come full circle into the spring of 2012.. My only question is… Where did the rest of the year go! It did go sort of fast..and by the way I need to ask myself what have I done with the milepost that most almost approximately half of another year and may I ask what is there to accomplish before this year is over.

Some people look forward to attaining a way to earn more money to support their family, some people just look forward to a family a real family, with family time with the tv off, some people are desperate for just a peace of mind that has a goal that can be attainable for them. Some people look forward to being past a grievance they are facing today, what about an addiction, to be healthier and made a better future by graduating from college even with an certificate of associates degree.. It is good to plan all these things but while your planning be mindful of time. First sit down and make a list of all the things you actually value most, what’s most important and what’s least important, when you have made that list… then you make your plans accordingly!



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