The Mind Press!

Today was quite an exciting day for me I must say so myself! More interesting than any other I’ve had this week!
It was the day my children went under for the first time…

That’s right, they went to the dentist… This was the first time they had to have anesthetics and boy were we in for a ride.. We were at the dentist all day.. thankfully, the sweet hubby had taken off work,but he was at home the whole time..LOL! (MEN) well, I was able to call him constantly as things happened by the minute to tell him what was going on.. They were having their teeth cleaned, then they were having to wait to be squeezed in at another part of the day.. It was one of those long days.. You mama’s know about that!!

Some men too.. But it’s moments like these that stamp memories into a child that last forever.. if anyone knows anything about that.. but who ever remembers that mama took them to the dentist when they had to have their first teeth removed, their first crown, or their first fillings… Well, mine had all those things done today… and they did superb thanks to God!

I thought they would be more scared, but they handled it like pro’s they held on to the end and I could not resist buying them that toy even though I had told them they would not have toys again until July! Because I had gotten so bad I bought them toys every week and they started thinking it was Christmas every month.. Money Don’t grow on trees and someone needs to teach that to my children.. It’s like we’ve loss the meaning of the word no.. And Life has began to revolve around what’s next new..

Well, I really had to find some kind of way to reward them for today, but I will be honest rewarding them by buying them something was not a real treat.. it loses it’s flavor when you do it every week by the way.. And it’s not really a treat at all.. it’s normal! I took pictures of them after they finished every phase and sent them to daddy.. I felt like I was a real momma! you know there are some moments that define if your a real momma or not and it’s not just getting them up, getting lunches prepared and getting them out to school on time, but the excitement of being there when they need you most.. when they are experiencing something new.. what a blessing today has been!


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