The Writer of My Book!

Today I was faced with a very significant reality! All of us who live here on the earth, are living a story!

We are living an eternal story whether we know it or not. Although we focus in on the here and all we all eventually wind up somewhere.. A predestined place.. For the one’s He predestines He foreknows.. I love this.. I wanted to share it with you!
Say for instance, your watching a movie and the first time you see it, it really gets your attention, and the action really jerks you out of your seat because you don’t know what will happen next.. And sometimes it’s almost unbearable to sit there and wait for the next part, because the suspense can sometimes feel like it’s being dragged out forever, and you keep thinking to yourself in the theater, “I wish I could fast forward this and see what the end will be!”

Once you get to the end of the movie your rarely disappointed because somehow it always came around to the good guy winning!
When you take your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or parents to see it, you see there and while they shutter at all the action and get dramatic you sit there calm and you say to them.. Don’t worry about it, calm down, she’ll get out ok! You already know how the movie will end so it takes the edge off!

Now, imagine we have an author of life.. He is the writer of our book. Normally, when anyone is writing a book it is simply best to make an outline first, to make a thesis statement to summarize what that book is about overall and then you work out from the beginning what you just outlined to the end. Although you know the main point of the book your getting to, the person reading it the first time has to feel the suspense..(Did anyone think of the movie Misery just then)

However, if God knows your end, He’s predestined it from the beginning, He sees you in what you think are a crisis and He says, oh chill out, you’ll make it out alright.. Don’t even fret or sweat over this… And your frantic and pulling your hair out losing your mind, but He knows your end from your beginning.. Do you know that?? How freeing is that.. It means that while I’m looking at my storm as a reason to go all out.. God is saying but don’t you know all things are working together for your good, if they were not I would not have allowed you to suffer them.

When will you rest in me and know that you can trust me as the Author of your life personally to get you where I will have you go.. No matter what that looks like.. Trust me!


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