Mothering as a ministry!

In all of my life I have never seen mothering as a ministry! Honestly, I always thought it was nothing but chores.. My mama taught me after all, don’t go off trying to have children so soon, they drain away your life and you have to give up living the way you want.. Instead, go after the American dream.. Try to make it happen for yourself so you have a good name… before you start rushing into having all those kids!
Tonight my children graduate from their first Awana Ceremony (A Workman Approved Not Ashamed) I loved it, taking them every week of the year and teaching them their scriptures they had to memorize for the week, It gave me something I constantly had to go over with them, although I wasn’t in the habit of breaking down what it really meant until now..

And it’s the end of the school year by the way, and I’m just getting it!

When I was teaching them their verses God was honored and it was a ministry.. When I spend family time with them God is honored and it is a ministry, this morning when I was preparing my sons peanut butter and jelly sandwich it was a ministry to God that He was pleased with.. Sometimes I come to a point where I ask myself.. “Is this it?” Is this all I’m supposed to do.. Certainly there is more, there has to be.. I know God didn’t create me and put all these talents and gifts in me for me just to sit here washing clothes, washing dishes, cooking lasagna making sauces like I did last night and He be pleased with just that.. God wants me to get out into the world, make  my mark, let em here me roar.. I’ve gotta do something big and be known by many, although that would mean nothing if I am first not known by God!
And He will know me when I’m faithful in making the menu plan.. Lord knows I never thought of it as a ministry to make a menu plan, something considered a service to God.. I am amazed that we have missed this.. Because my husband told me once of a lady who worked with him before, degree in accounting and all, making good money, she had a baby and gave it all up, she knew what was more important and it was certainly not that degree or the job, although they would certainly be there.. She had a more important job, a high and holy call to be a mother.. And it took her away from what the outside the house world required of her..
One morning last week I was walking with my son today school and they were on their bikes and I remember just feeling frustrated..about nothing really!! I just felt like I wanted time for me.. and well, it was a selfish thought that crossed my mind when I noticed that my children kept falling off their bikes or wouldn’t stay on the right side of the side walk, or needed me to listen to them talk.. and the truth is in my selfishness, I thought to myself.. “When I get a job, these children will not be with me and then I’ll be really free” That was a lie I took and immediately countered with the truth.. My children are an asset and not a liability God has given them to me… and He is the only one who gives me grace to carry out His task with excellence.. And if I ever decide that getting a job would be an easy way out from doing this I am sadly mistaken.. Nothing will ever bring more satisfaction or security than being in line with the will of God!


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