Jesus Juking!

In our house we do a lot of Jesus Juking by the way.. I admit it and I know I will stop starting today. I realize that it is a conversation killer and counterproductive when it comes to the real mission to lead others to the throne of Jesus.

I have never liked it when I see someone always talking about Jesus.. I mean every other word out of their mouth is.. Jesus this and Jesus that and if I ever tried to talk to them about a real issue they just calmly say.. but Jesus..
I have an aunt like that, I won’t mention her name… whenever I talk to her I had better not bring up my human weakness’ because she would take them and stuff them in my face saying.. If you only had more faith! Now that’s always a conversation smasher for me.. To be honest, most time I ignore her calls.. Auntie if your reading this.. I’m very sorry, it’s probably not you!

Well, here’s my household.. My children say something like.. “I’m getting muscles now.. look at my arms and they show us their arms” The first response is.. “But knowing God is more important than getting muscles and all that.. Every thing.. absolutely everything leads back to… but Jesus this and but the Lord said that.. and sometimes that’s good.. but we could be walking past a blue jay who lights on our car, or going to the zoo and my children might point out.. Look at that blue jay and we say something like.. You know who made that blue jay right.. And we’d wait for their response that God did and while we think it’s a cute cool way of training them the truth is those kids already know that, we’ve sat them down and taught them the things God made and there’s no need to remind them.. Why do we always tend to make everything so spiritual…
I worked out to day.. How about that!

There’s no need to come after me and say.. Yeah, but that profits little and godliness is more than that.. So somehow it makes me better than you because I don’t work out.. Ughh.. the more I live the more I learn.. Another thing I hate since we are on soap boxes is people who always have advice for everyone else, but never speak in first person instead of always being 3rd person, they always want to tell you what you should do and what everyone else is doing but are never willing to expose what they themselves are learning or have done.. but then again everyone is different.. I have motivational, or inspirational moments alot but the truth is when it gets down to it, if you knew me you would know it’s not my desire to Jesus Juke conversations.. I’m a realist at heart!


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