The Power of Covenant!

The bible, The best seller of all times.. The most important book you and I will ever read.. The book itself is all truth, although all truth is not found in this book.. I mean let’s be realistic, I won’t be able to find how to do fractions or how to write a book in the bible, but I will find the God who shows me if that’s my purpose!
This amazing book is made up of 2 different Testaments/ A better word for testaments is… You guessed it.. Covenants.
Our God is a God of covenant! And one thing about Him He proves quite often is that He is not a covenant breaker, indeed He keeps His word.
Where are some other places we hear the word covenant?
Don’t hear it much in our culture right?? See the truth is we hear more about contracts.. A contract is very simple, it makes me responsible to a certain extent where as if it is broken there is a penalty, and it is subject to change by the way but not a Covenant.

Let me give you two working definitions, one is for Contract and One is for Covenant and tell me if you see the difference or relevance!

Contract- It is an agreement (Ok this is relevant to testament or covenant right) It’s entered into voluntarily by two or more parties with the intent on creating a Legal Obligation.Can be oral or written. (So far all of this sounds exactly like a covenant doesn’t it) The Remedy to breach a contract might be damages or compensation of money! Here we have it.. (A contract can and most of the time is broken depending on if there are damages or I can’t make the payments) A contract is a legally enforceable promise or undertaking that something will or will not occur.. A promise by the way is a legal synonym of a contract.. It varies from one jurisdiction to another depending on the laws ( covenants are nothing like this they are carried from generation to generation and location to geographic location.

Covenant- Solemn agreement to engage in or refrain from a specific action. A sacred agreement between God and humans most times.

I wondered why the definitions were so different in length. But nevertheless want to point out a correlation that one directly points to God and one does not. While a contract is normally for a stated period of time a covenant is forever. The bible is full of promises that are a part of a covenant God made with humans who have gone before us that carry on until this day.
I want to leave you with such a beautiful story of a covenant because even though I wanted to go into the covenant of marriage I will leave it alone and journal it.. I will come from scripture as I close.

There were some people whom were not “God’s people” in the old covenant. Just as Joshua and the children of God were getting ready to go in and possess a beautiful land He had promised with His word.. These people were called Gibeonites and just as Joshua was getting ready to go up against Gibeon with the Children of God.. these 2 men came out of no where and they had prepared well, they had gotten some old clothes and let some bread get mildew in it, they had found some really old wineskins and acted as if they had come from very far away.. To make a long story short… They tricked the children of God to make a Covenant with them.. The whole covenant was a lie, but because they understood who God was, and that these His Children would not break covenant or He would punish them.. They made themselves safe from death by creating this agreement on deception. Amazingly, it worked.

Years and years later, because Joshua and the children of God could not kill these men but made them water boys.. Saul the first king called himself messing with them, and trying to wipe them out.. And boy were the children of God in for a surprise.. You see the children of God were placed into a famine.. and it was not a good thing. When King David went to seek God about it, He revealed that it was because of the breaking of the covenant and it had to be made right. He had to go to these people who were not children of God and ask them what ever they wanted.. They wanted 7 of Sauls sons, but you see this conflicted with a covenant David had made with the house of Saul to Jonathan, that he would not harm them.. So he did not harm Jonathan’s son because of his promise and spared him but Saul had other grandsons who had to die because of this One Covenant made on deception. God is so serious about covenant He will allow people die to make it right with Him.. These 7 men died.. it’s truth and they didn’t even deserve it, if it hadn’t been for Saul messing with a covenant.. Then God turned to hear the prayers of His children again..

Keep covenants, never make promises you can’t keep.. Lessons from God!



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