Parenting Blessing Vs. Burden!

This month I have a nephew graduating from high school. I often see my sister in law posting pics of him, from his prom, from his last day of school and the first day of his last week she posted something that was so beautiful..”Where has the time went?” Almost as if to say.. What’s happened to that baby I bought home, it seems like it was just yesterday and now, well, we are looking at college and we are looking at a new adventurous life full of opportunities, not to mention beating the odds and making it to a high school graduation in our day… I had to take time to ponder.
Many days I will be honest, I can see why our culture looks down on children.. Because, they are children after all.. Most of the time they are loud and Lord knows most the time in the grocery store it’s a crime, sin and shame if your toddler starts to cry, while it’s just a little annoying if your infant is crying. I think we have taken this thing to such a level of disgust as mothers, because the truth is we have to learn how to look at parenting.. Mother’s Day was yesterday and I’m convinced the greatest world changers are not in the board room, but the people who raised them. I think that we all have something to say that we can contribute our successes or failures to our mothers and fathers in particular! If they were mean and strict maybe when we are older we thank them for waking us up at 2a to wash those dishes because now we’re cleaner people for it.

Many times we make the mistake of classifying our children as burdens when they are younger..But when we see them on that graduation day, when we see them and they are leaving home for college or marriage we are proud no doubt but many times just wish we could tuck them away in a little car seat and secretly take them home and cuddle them and rock them to sleep all over again..

Amazingly the most important thing suddenly becomes those nights I remember staying awake with my children because they were as hot as the sun and needed me to hold them.. and now well, they got someone else holding them, and God knows I hope I like that person!

My point is this.. We ought to watch the views we take of our children early because when they are older they will remember the view we took and when it really matters, when it really counts they will either see us as a burden or a blessing, depending on how we have raised them to see us by the way we showed them we saw them..
Think deeply!


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