Mothering on a mission

Today, I came to a startling realization! Mothering does come with a manual. Most people say, “there’s no manual to how to be a good wife, or mother, or employee!” While I may be controversial I beg to differ. The bible is rich in all sorts of teaching and truth that will apply in all of these different situations.

There are many people who want to live on mission for God. We all should feel a strong sense of knowing why God created us, if we have accepted Jesus Christ in our hearts we know that there is a specific purpose He created us and called us to do.. and we want to know it because we know in that we will be most fulfilled.

Most people say: “I feel God is calling me to ministry, I’m going to school to become a pastor, or missionary, some one might say God has called me to be a world mover and shaker so I will get all the information I can on the field He is leading me too, but what about the woman who stands to say.. God called me to be a helper to my husband, and a mother to my little children.. Does anyone take up an offering, or stand up and applaud for her.
In our culture we think all the wrong things are valuable. Forget submission to some man, we’ve got to have our own lives individually, we’ve got to stand up for our “Rights” right? Well, I want to submit that God has an idea about all of this.

When I wake up each morning to my task of mothering and being a wife to my husband, I think of it as a ministry. I am a missionary! When my children were born they knew nothing about Jesus and their little minds still don’t know so much it’s amazing, I’m painting onto an empty canvas.. Training them up and teaching them.. is a worship to the Lord, and who would have ever thought. And if you have older children maybe you feel this time has passed and well, who can ever recapture time.. it’s never too late.. Like Abraham Lincoln, John and Charles Wesley, even Billy graham, anyone will tell you that the influence of the mother is just incredible throughout the life of any person. No matter what that role never changes. When we become mothers we become world changers and shakers.. We shape the next generation right in our own kitchens and living rooms.. We have a choice and when they grow up, most very successful men will accredit all they are to their wives and their mothers, or grandmothers..
I think it is vital to remember that God has called every one to a different role and if we will just stay in our lane and not get side tracked with wanting to live by society’s standards and just live by God’s we will find fulfillment unmeasured!

I love the thought of this.. My life has purpose, even if I’m just a mother and wife.. in the eyes of the Lord who is by the way most important..


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