The things I don’t see!

This was a very interesting morning for me.. First of all I spent the bulk of my morning on the phone listening to music, singing then, on the phone, reading a book while my little one sat in front the television watching “Space Buddies” I knew it wasn’t right but I did it anyway!
When she was done with her 2 hour long tv vacation, I decided it was time to get out of the house.. I was hoping it would not be too hot outside because it seems our summer has come extra early here, although it’s so beautiful I’m hopeful we don’t have a summer like last year, all the heat over 100 degrees more than 30 days in a row without rain, then a pretty warm winter, spring and fall.. I’m hoping we won’t be so bad this time, but we are starting out warming up pretty early in the day, I remembered when we were halfway there I should have put on sun screen, just saying.. Next time I’ll remember…LOL!
When we got to the park, after walking along that beautiful trail I was ready for some shade, forget sitting on the benches, they were not in the shade, I had to go and sit under the tree..

I’ve set the scene now for my experience. A lady who was there with her little son came up to me and said that she had just come across a “Water snake” and she had no clue it was right there next to her until an older man saw it.. there was an immediate first reaction of fear when she said this had just happened a few minutes ago, it was that she wanted to “Warn” me… “So just watch your surroundings,it’s hot and just like we want to shade ourselves under the trees the snakes come out their hot holes for shade too” I thought to myself O My Goodness.. What if there’s a snake under the ground where I’m sitting or in the cracks and I can’t see him…
A bird came behind me not long after that and made a strange sound, I remember her saying the snake made a sound.. And I jumped in fear! And my goodness you should have seen her son, the boy was a walking basket case, he thought every thing was a snake after that point.. So here it is.. We’ve gotten to the park and my sweet 4 year old wants to show me that she can swing herself.. BTW this is a huge accomplishment the part I used to dread about going to the park was the fact that I’d have to push her for a few minutes because since she was an infant she loved to swing every time we go to the park.. Sometimes her dad could stand and swing her for hours and she would cry when it was time to get off and leave the park.. So this is no doubt a huge mile stone, she only needed me to help her get on the high swing..
But I could not enjoy it for the fact that I was made aware that there could possibly be a foreign creature somewhere around, who was harmless by the way.. Isn’t that the way we live.. We miss the major moments in our lives we should be capturing worrying about things that are harmless.. We get married and spend most of our time paranoid that our spouse may want somewhere else, because after all look at the bill boards and the magazines in the grocery store, you can hardly go any place without seeing some one exposing themselves..

I thought to myself.. As my senses were heightened to what was going on.. Sometimes it’s good to be aware of your surroundings and what your up against.. For instance if my sun is swinging upside down on monkey bars that are 6 ft high there may be a little bit of concern that rushes through my mind but if I know the ground is made of cushion why should I be concerned.. I was thinking something so beautiful. We only care about the things that have potential to mean something to us most.. and I believe that my safety is very important, yet if I am very paranoid about my life then how will I ever enjoy the things that are really important.. It is always about perception and what We see as important that matters in every moment..

As we rode home, my little princess was such a big girl, we normally see big rabbits and medium size one’s in our backyard, but today we saw this teeny weeny bunny my heart melted and I thought to myself.. The things that go on around me that I don’t even see, Sometimes I’m aware there’s some activity but I’m not aware what it is.. When that mockingbird scared me making the sounds in the tree over me, I thought to myself.. I wonder what else is up there that I honestly can’t see what about a chameleon… I would never see it but it could be there, there are so many bugs up in that tree right over my head I can not see until I look closely but I can hear very loudly in my ear.. How aware are we of what’s going on right in our backyard, will we take time to pay attention so that we will know if it’s the harmless snake, because if it’s the harmful one.. You know we’re in trouble right!


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