You Never Know!

Yesterday, after I had picked up my son from school, we headed to the Library (after their snack of course) when we got there they were so busy playing the wii game, while I was sitting to have a good reading moment… Suddenly, I hear this ferocious sound…. It’s a baby, sounds like an infant..(You know only a mother can distinguish the age of the baby by the way it cries) This little one could not have been more than 4 months!

Well, it was so annoying, I allowed myself to feel so frustrated because here it is, I figured, I came to this library to have a moment of peace and quiet and I finally get a moment away from my little one’s to be free to read a good book and you bring this crying baby into the room.. And the baby cried and cried.. and the more he cried the more upset I got.. I began to make grunting sounds.. “Hm! Ugh! Oh Lawd” I mean you name it, what you say when someone has bought their crying baby into your space and that baby just won’t shut up!

Finally, I was just ready to go, I couldn’t take it anymore, obviously, no one is interested in calming this poor baby down and I am not going to be able to just sit here and listen to this, because it was rare I would just let my babies cry like that when they were that age. I know she had all sorts of people looking at her crazy already but the lady was at the check out and she must have been having a problem, she had 2 other little girls who could not have been more than 5 years old.. and I thought.. Wow! But I remember those days..

Trying to mommy an infant is hard enough but to have the extra children to parent on the side well, that makes it difficult sometimes and you need an extra dose of patience and anointing to do it all! The lady was trying her best but she seemed not to be able to devote all her attention to the crying baby in the stroller.. and as I took a peek at him, I thought to myself, “Poor baby, I’ll hold em'”
As we got out into the parking lot as it were she was parked right next to me, and she was having a hard time trying to get everyone in the car safely, as one daughter wanted to go off one way, she’s got a baby crying and another wants to have an attitude.. My heart suddenly went out to her, trying to take down a stroller and all.. When I saw her pick up that carry all.. My heart just melted at how silent that baby got.. He thought for sure she would be taking him out of his misery and picking him up, but he was in for a shock when she sat him right back down, this time in a hot car.. He immediately went back into default.. Screaming like crazy!

Now if I’m annoyed by this, can you imagine what that single mother felt?? You never know what the other person is going through..I struck up a conversation with her, because you know with me no one is a stranger and she told me … “He just has his shots today and well, I thought he would sleep through all of this but he woke up and rather cranky, I don’t know what to do to help him.” I said “Awe, I remember those days when they get those shots the doctor will often tell you that the baby will be sore, there will be pain in their joints from those needles and you should have some tylenol for infants near if they wake up from their nap because that’s when the pain kicks in, but it’s good that they move those joints so they don’t get stiff..

At that moment, I remembered.. It hadn’t been that long ago, it was me, I was that person and amazingly, I had been so quick to remove myself from that season that I had no sympathy, no pity that there were others who had gone through it before me, but also had to go through it after me… and some have had it and will have it a lot harder than I had. You never know what the story is of the person who is acting out of the job, you never know the season of their lives, all you know if your world in your bubble and when we are inconsiderate, as I was yesterday before I knew the story it breeds contempt in God’s sight!


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