Summer upon us again!

Well, it really does seem as if we have come into an early summer here in Texas. I must say so myself. I hope it’s nothing like last summer.. Have you ever heard that saying: “If you don’t like the weather, don’t fret, it will change!” Don’t we hear that every where we live in the United States? See, this is why I am going to move to the Virgin Islands and live around the Caribbean during the summer months.. But the truth is, this is a truth all the way around, we will never be able to escape the seasons of life. There is nothing new under the sun. Have you ever wondered if the sun gets tired of doing the same old thing every day? ever wondered if the waters in the lake would prefer be in a creek sometimes rather than just going with the currants. And what of that good old moon, I wonder if it ever gets bored of just lighting the night. Does it ever want to come out in the day light and shine to change up things quite a bit. Imagine it.. One day the moon and stars came out to protest against the sun.. In a rage they all came out and said.. “Move out of the way, I’m wanting a new position! I put my application in long time ago and requested to change shifts, now it’s time for you to move, I think I’ll do better at governing the day for awhile, how about you take over the night?” Ever wondered what it would be like if snakes could fly or fish lived outside of water.. I mean these are weird things to think about but the truth is, Life is life.. Was has been, still happens and what is happening will happen again.. What makes this life so special then?? How many summers have you and I lived through.. Through the school years summer was fun, the truth is I looked forward to having a time out of school, but just because I became an adult and began in my own way to dread summers, doesn’t mean there’s not some other kid in the next generation who is just hopping up and down right now because summer is here.. Different seasons call for different feelings.. For instance I know Christmas and New years have never failed to come around as long as I have been alive and no matter how much I hate all the crowds that come out around that time to ranshack every mall and every other place imaginable.. I still get upset at it.. It’s life and it happens every time whether I like it or not.. I just said the key.. Whether I like it or not.. Summer comes each year, Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year normally come every year and when the seasons stop changing the world will have come to an end or I will have died and gone into another life.. Thank Goodness that other life in heaven does not have seasons.. Phew, I can wipe my brow on that one.. No more heated days and freezing cold nights.. No more sickness and pain, doctor’s visits and anxious moments when children leave home..or get married, etc.. I think this life has so much to offer, but only if we view the seasons in proper context..
Are you and I viewing the seasons of this life in Proper context by which they fall.. Just something to ponder!


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